A propos de l’Amour2 December 2009

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Il ne peut pas y avoir de paix dans le monde26 August 2009

“Il ne peut pas y avoir de paix dans le monde

tant qu’il n’y a pas de paix à l’intérieur de vous.”

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


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Quotes of Shri Mataji4 January 2009

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Sahaja Yoga
“True and lasting solution to present ills can be found only by inner, collective transformation of human beings.” (pg 2 Meta Modern Era) 
“Sahaja Yoga is the spontaneous union of the individual consciousness with the All-Pervading Divine Power…” (pg 6 Meta Modern Era) 
“This knowledge is not then for very few privileged individuals, as it was [...]

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    And no bhoots are your enemies, in the way, if you do not allow them, they cannot be there. No evil person is your enemy, because he cannot be effective if you are spiritually equipped. So you are your own enemy is decided. The only way to get rid of that enemy of yours, you have to Dedicate. — Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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