Noel 2010 au Cameroun15 January 2011

From Basile

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Christmas - Noël & New Year - Nouvel an - Rome - 27.12.0928 December 2009

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Dear all,
A new day for the Sahaja Yogis to absorb the vibrations of Shri Mataji whose presence we can feel so much in our heart. After a beautiful talk of Shri Mataji of a Christmas Puja in our collective morning meditation of this Sunday morning (26th December), everyone was anxious to listen to the marriage [...]

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Christmas Puja (Noël) Rome 0928 December 2009

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Dear all,
What a tremendous Puja night. It’s only when we all started to leave the hall that we really were aware how many yogis have come for Christmas Puja. Such a collective joy.
From 8pm onwards all the yogis had gathered in the puja hall. The Italian yogis made an announcement about the public program that [...]

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Rome 25.12.09 with Shri Mataji25 December 2009

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Dear all,
After a day which saw all yogis arriving, settling down, sharing the joyful event of last night’s arrival of Shri Mataji in Rome, we all gathered in the big hall at about 7 pm for the evening meditation. As we have to respect the timing of the hotel for food, actually there was more [...]

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Shri Mataji in Rome25 December 2009

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Dear all,
How to describe this incredibly beautiful moments that we have lived tonight in Rome. Shri Mataji arrived at about 8 pm with Her family just in front of the main entrance of the Marriott Hotel. As the night was not too cold, most of us were waiting outside, with their heart beaming with joy [...]

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Cleansing!!!13 July 2009

Dear all, here is a lesson on how we in Africa, could start working on the numerous sites of battles, wars, and genocide that are haunting our people and continent. We are hosting two Pujas in succession, and have all the time and opportunity to repeat what the Belgian collective is doing. Note also that [...]

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    [...] Au contraire, Sahaja Yoga consiste à unir les gens au nom de Dieu. De les rendre UN au nom de Dieu. Supposons qu’une personne vive, disons en Afrique du Sud ou bien disons dans un endroit reculé comme le Bénin par exemple et, qu’il devienne un Sahaja Yogi. Il y en a des milliers qui sont devenus des Sahaja Yogis là-bas. Ils sont tous vos frères et soeurs. Ils sont des vôtres. Si vous allez là-bas ils vous traiteront simplement comme leurs propres enfants, comme leur proches. Ils ne penseront jamais à savoir de quelle religion vous venez ou de quelle secte vous venez, rien du tout. J’ai été surprise de voir comment ils ont cet amour. En fait, aimer est une qualité innée des êtres humains, C’est une qualité innée. Chaque être humain a reçu ce trésor d’amour, cette capacité d’aimer. [...] — Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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