Purer Attention25 يوليو 2009

For all my brothas an sistas who meditate on Nirmal Attention this week! Jai Shri Mataji!
Lately I been dreaming
Of faraway places
Been dreaming and streaming
A slideshow of faces
En’tring like geese on parade
Or falling like bombs on Belgrade
Lately they be teaming
To form a thick crowd

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Nirvichara, conscience sans pensée7 يوليو 2009


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World seen with the Eye of the Heart27 يونيو 2009

When the eye of the heart
Looks at everything
It sees the Absolute Truth as it is
It sees the loving beauty
Of God’s Creation
Wind vibrantly talks to him
Sun’s light of love opens his heart
Moon soothes and uplifts his entity
Songs of the birds
Fragrance of the flowers
Touch of The Earth
Whispering of the water
Bathing in the ether
Twinkling of the stars.
Pulsating [...]


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    Ce silence s’épanouit, se répand vers l’extérieur, poussant nos pensées à la périphérie de notre conscience. C’est ainsi que l’état de conscience-sans-pensées arrive… Dans cet état, nous sentons réellement la beauté du Silence qui est le coeur de la création… — Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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