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Before and after Meditation10 September 2009

Here is the electromagnetic system of Sasha, after a days work treating sick people by massage. Note the gaps in his aura all around his body and around the finger tips.
Now see the same ‘picture’ taken after 20 minutes of Sahaja Yoga meditation. The difference is remarkable, his aura has been rebuilt and around his fingertips almost complete in almost [...]

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What’s the most important thing you need to learn that they don’t teach you at school?18 July 2009

Answer: How to use your attention. For you what you become, what you make of your life will totally depend on what you do with your attention.
What is attention? A simple answer might be it’s what you use to focus with. But when you start to consider attention, it turns out to be rather complicated. [...]

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What is Meditation?6 February 2009

“Controlling the thoughts and the activities of the senses, let the yogi practice meditation for self-purification.” – Shri Krishna - ‘Bhagavad Gita’ (6:12)

“Union with the Essence of our Lord comes about quickly…provided suspension of thought has been practiced long enough…from this I understood the prophetic saying ‘better an hour of meditation than seventy years of [...]

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An Experience that changed my life10 January 2009

By Lt.Gen.VK Kapoor India
My experiences in Sahaja Yoga commenced on the night of 16 Apr 1995 when I first saw Sri Mataji in Calcutta(Kolkata) at a wedding. As I looked at her dynamic, attractive and awesome presence I felt that the care of the disease I was suffering from lay in her hands. At that [...]

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The Benefits of practicing Sahaja Yoga meditation9 January 2009

“Sahaja Yoga meditation provides a practical and free means for people to achieve a peaceful and balanced state in their lives. It helps us to reduce illness, live longer and rediscover the sense of shared values that derive from both a traditional family life and respect for the Earth through the practice of an environmentally [...]

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    [...] Au contraire, Sahaja Yoga consiste à unir les gens au nom de Dieu. De les rendre UN au nom de Dieu. Supposons qu’une personne vive, disons en Afrique du Sud ou bien disons dans un endroit reculé comme le Bénin par exemple et, qu’il devienne un Sahaja Yogi. Il y en a des milliers qui sont devenus des Sahaja Yogis là-bas. Ils sont tous vos frères et soeurs. Ils sont des vôtres. Si vous allez là-bas ils vous traiteront simplement comme leurs propres enfants, comme leur proches. Ils ne penseront jamais à savoir de quelle religion vous venez ou de quelle secte vous venez, rien du tout. J’ai été surprise de voir comment ils ont cet amour. En fait, aimer est une qualité innée des êtres humains, C’est une qualité innée. Chaque être humain a reçu ce trésor d’amour, cette capacité d’aimer. [...] — Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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