Haldi ceremony - Rome28 December 2009

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Dear all,
On this so auspicious day of the sahaj mariages, we have had such a wonderful time this morning during the Haldi Ceremony. It is not so easy to organize such a sahaj colourful (!!) event in a hotel like the Marriott. But the Italian yogis have really thought of everything. They have brought whole [...]

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Christmas - Noël & New Year - Nouvel an - Rome - 27.12.0928 December 2009

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Dear all,
A new day for the Sahaja Yogis to absorb the vibrations of Shri Mataji whose presence we can feel so much in our heart. After a beautiful talk of Shri Mataji of a Christmas Puja in our collective morning meditation of this Sunday morning (26th December), everyone was anxious to listen to the marriage [...]

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    You just feel that love of giving and you feel so happy because you feel so big about yourself, like an ocean that’s giving so many clouds and again it is receiving these rivers into it and again making it into clouds.

    A circle of beautiful conversion into beauty after beauty starts. It is so beautiful. And that is what we should try to become ­ a part of that circle, which is so beautiful and which is so joy-giving.
    — Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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