Travel in Ivory Coast - 199717 February 2009

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Ivory Coast


From the 18th to the 20th October


Since few years we were in contact with one SY, Jean-Claude Lainé, leader of Ivory Cost. We had invited him in Switzerland 5 years ago and he could go to Puja in Cabella and in India for the tour.  Few month ago we felt it would be great to go there and help the collectivity of Ivory Cost to spread Sahaja Yoga. We proposed them the project, and slowly and nicely it came to fruitition. Everythings worked out perfectly, we had good price flying tiquets, we could send poster there nearly for free (actually it costed 3 boxes of chocolates), our hollydays, and many little other things…

So we were  5 Sahaja Yogi of Switzerland who manifested the desire to go there. We must say that we had brought the project into the attention of Shri Mataji and She was very happy that we could go there.

Saturday night 18th of October

After a pleasant trip to the Ivory Coast, we were bathed in the plane by the nice fragrances of Africa, but arrived still full of the franticness of our western life. Immediately the heat of Abidjan slowed us down. Upon our arrival, we discovered the hearty welcome and the kindness of a thief who was prowling in the airport. Luckily we also discovered that they are not so proficient at their job. Finally, around midnight, we arrived at the ashram without any problems.

Sunday 19th of October

After a relaxing day, we were talking with some Sahaja Yogi of Abidjan, under a typical African kiosk called Palllote ; (pronounced: payot). Suddenly, an African drum sounded the staff of a beautiful song in Diula, the local dialect. A procession begun. It came under the palllote, around us, and carried us away. Everyone danced to the magical rhythm over to the Pendle in the garden, passing under the suave Ilang-Ilang. We were seated facing the dancers, musicians and singers, enjoying their beautiful songs. At the end, 2 young girls came to us with a large bowl, which was the water ceremony to welcome travellers. Thee entire ceremony was very moving. Our hearts were opened by the experience. If our eyes are lotuses, then the dew came very quickly in that country.

Ignace, appointed as Pujari, began the Puja. The bhajans were coloured with African folklore, it is very beautiful. At the end of the Puja, the Chorale (as they call it), performed their own compositions. It was something one should hear at least once in one’s lifetime. Then the rhythm came to tickle our feet, and we found ourselves dancing to that magical tempo. After the meal, we started the nice habit of staying up fate into the night, chatting with everyone. Our first story is about Anna. She was postering alone in Abidjan. Then a lady passed by and looked at the poster and said: “Is She the devil, why are you doing that? It is very bad…” Anna did net know what to answer, for she was new in Sahaj. Then, coming from nowhere, a man started explaining to the furious lady everything about Kundalini, Chakras, Spirit and all, supporting Anna. The lady could not argue, cooled down and went away. The man disappeared as he came without a word. Anna, astonished, could feel that she was protected.

Monday 20th of October.

Preparations for the public program were continuing. The Sahaja-Yogis had the desire to contact a radio journalist who has a 2 hours national radio program called ” MYTH and MYSTERY “. this journalist gives everyone a chance to express themselves about spirituality. Unfortunately, Paul Dokoui, the journalist, was unreachable. They were quiet disappointed. Suddenly, the telephone rang. It was Paul Dokoui, and after having seen the poster, wanted to do an interview. During the preparation for this interview, he got his Realisation. The show will be aired to the public after the Sahaja public program.

We also learnt that Sita, a Sahaja-Yogini, could announce all the public programs on TV. The journalist who was a sceptic, tried to challenge her by saying: “You pretend to feel the condition of others, so, can you tell the what are my problems”. The Yogini put her hands before him, while putting her attention on the Sahasrara, and then, her two annulars, moved up, she could central it. Then Sita said: ” you can’t forgive, you must forgive”. Then, everybody there, who knew him, applauded, confirming that she was right. Because of this, many of them wanted to came to the public program.

In the evening the Chorale group started to rehearse bhajans for before the Havan. After 3 notes of Durg.ti durga ambe, an apocalyptic rain fall down. It lasted so long, that we were not able to do with the Havan. But with the storm, we could see that it was performing in the sky. The night once again finished late with songs and dances.

Tuesday 21st of October.

With naive conditioning, we were expecting all sort of reaction at the public program. We were there to prepare the hall, with a battery of chillies, lemons and vibrated water. Slowly, the 400 seats were all occupied. the Chorale group sang the African version of Gayatri Mantra. Paul Dokoui started to record his show… At the end of the Realisation, many hands rose into the air, signifying realisation. The heavy vibrations at the staff, progressively became cooler. Finally, the public program was a great success, and all our little fears vanished. After 2 hours of intensive questioning of Eric by journalists and public, we felt the profound and sincere seeking of the people.

Late in evening, back at the ashram, the 3 lakshmis of the ashram, Ida, Victoria and Prisca, shared stories of their travel in Benin and the miracles they heard there. As you will see, it is truly amazing.

The wife of a Sahaja Yogi was net happy that her husband was practising Sahaja Yoga. She didn’t even dare to look at the photo of Shri Mataji. But one day she address the photo, full of fright, and anger saying: “Who are you ? Are you stronger then my Lord Jesus Christ ?” And suddenly, before her, the face of Shri Mataji transformed into a representation of Christ. Panicking, she ran to call her husband and show him the photograph. He said: ” So, you see, I have nothing to add to this”. And slowly the photo came back into the original image.

A new Sahaja Yogi, still doubting about Sahaja Yoga, became very sick. He tried many things to get cured, and finally his family sent for 4 nuns to pray for him. When they saw the photo of Shri Mataji, they told him with anger that She was the cause of his sickness, and that he should burnt and throw everything away. They were very aggressive. Back at their place, upon entering their living room, the four nuns found Shri Mataji sitting there, on the sofa; they panicked. One of them, courageously, addressed Shri Mataji: “If you are more powerful then the Christ, rise up in the sky”. Then, Shri Mataji stood up and rose slowly and silently into the air, then disappeared. The 4 nuns went quickly back to the house of the new yogi, and bent before the photo, asking for forgiveness.

Wednesday 22nd of October

We departed by bus for Bouaké at 10 O’clock. It was a good opportunity to discover the landscape which is very beautiful. At Bouaké the young collective heartily welcomed us. They are around 30 people, and most are students. They started singing bhajans using a “jemb”; a unique instrument which produced a very joyful sound. Then it was time to exchange impressions and experiences with the Yogis. They were very eager to know what is happening in Sahaja Yoga all over the world. As they carat travel so much, it is important for them to get information. After a very delicious meal, it was the time to enjoy nidra yoga.

Thursday 23rd October

Early morning, after the meditation, we felt that it was going to rain. The sky was heavy, black and grey. We prepared ourselves for the public programme which took place in the evening. It will rain we thought, that is for sure; the vibrations will clear the town. We were surprised to find that after a while the situation changed, and we enjoyed the sun and a cloudless blue sky. During the day, Jean-Pierre wanted to record some images with his video; the songs, and the messages of happy Diwali that the Bouaké collectivity wanted to offer to Shri Mataji. But before that, we meditated together to prepare ourselves for the evening. During the meditation we prayed for the success of the programme, and asked Shri Mataji to clear out all the negativity. It was very deep, and the vibrations very strong. After the last syllable of the 3 mantras of Shri Mataji, a torrential downpour of rain started, like an answer to our prayers. We felt that when we do things collectively, the Divine is with us.

At the program, we observed that 99% of the people were men. We even had a few Europeans. The hall was full, with more than 500 people. Again the presentation was shared between the yogis of Bouaké and ourselves. During the question and answer session, we felt that the type of questions reflected a true seeking, and a deep reflection about spirituality. A big part of the success of the program was due to the strong desire and the dynamism of the collectivity of Bouaké. We could see on their faces the joy they felt in the preparation and organisation of the program. Back at Jean-Claude’s house, the Yogis once again started to ask many question about the life of the yogis around the world, what is happening in Cabella, our relationship between young yogis in Switzerland, and how it has developed so well in Russia; as it is the land of ego. They also had many young people who experience problems with their families, who are against Sahaja-Yoga. It is a real problem for them, because they don’t know where to go for their daily meditation. Yet another banquet is served! We have decided that this trip is also rich in gastronomy experiences. A cup of gem; (fruit juice strongly perfumed with ginger, careful spicy/hot), and hop into bed.

Friday 24th October

Back to Abidjan. The other side of the land is also beautiful (laugh).

Saturday 25th October

9h30 in the morning, the third public program of Ivory Coast in Abidjan. The program is mostly done by the Abidjan yogis. For some of them, to speak before public was a new experience and we could see tremendous transformation between the staff of the talk, and the end. They started with a very uneasy feeling and finished by expressing a real joy in sharing the truth of Sahaja Yoga. In the ashram, we had in the same time, the follow up. About 8 or 9 new people  came.

In the evening we had a havan. At the same moment, a coq flew up a tree in front of us. After all the stories we had been hearing, we wondered if it really was a coq (laugh). The havan was in 3 parts. First with the mantras of Shri Mahakali, then all the negativity, and then offering the different expression of our devotion to Shri Mataji; the vibrations were strong. After the 3 mantras, suddenly big clouds appeared and the sky was full of lightning, as if the Havan continued in the sky. Finally the coq did not transform himself into a witch.

Sunday 26th October

Before the Puja, we recorded the speech and the dances, which the collectivity of Abidjan wanted to offer Shri Mataji for the Diwali Puja; we felt great emotion and strong vibration. It was really beautiful, joyous, and moving. There is sometimes a special moment in our lives which look similar to moments we had in our childhood, at the feet of the Christmas tree. Shri Mataji has advanced the date and put down a present from which comes out a myriad of cheerful surprises. During the Puja, we felt like we were in Cabella as the vibrations were so powerful. men they started the entertainment in our honour; 2 ballets and play. the program finished in a never ending saraband, bubbling of joy like fireworks. It was a unique moment where all our hearts, wide open, melted together. Once again we ended the evening on the tenace chatting with our brother and sister.

Monday 27th October

Between the sea and the lagoon, a long and straight road bordered by palm trees and huts was our avenue as we drove to Bassam. It was a well-known place for typical handicraft from all over Africa. There was a multitude of small shops made of palm tree leaves, with funny names like Boeing 747 or Eiffel Tower. We found what we came for, a girl for Shri Mataji. Two splendid masks representing a man and a woman. In Diwali Shri Mataji explained that it is a King and a Queen.

For the dinner we were invited by a Sahaja Yogini of Abidjan, Mrs Safi. She had prepare a delicious dinner with many african specialities. It was a real banquet and we were welcome like VIP. We tried to hide the fact that this would be our last night together, and we wanted to extend it to its farest limit. It was like a family meeting, we were talking, listening to music, dancing, it was simple and great in the same time. The feeling we had at that moment was like we had been together for six months, so intense was our experience during our stay.

Tuesday 28th October

Our last night in Abidjan was short. the three lakshmis of the ashram took so much cane of us that we decide to give them a break and prepare the last lunch, as a cook was amongst us. It was a big change for us to once again eat western food after a long week of discovering interesting meals like; giant snails, hairy crabs or other delicious new tastes.  We wanted to slow down the time, as the moment of departure approached quickly. We tried to fix in ourselves the last impressions, the last images, the last smiles.

At the airport it will be less sad than expected because a group of 4 Yogis is also leaving for Portugal at the same time. It will be their first Puja in the presence of Shri Mataji. In the twilight we all got under the Pendle. Amon was there, Safi, Barry, Bernard, Maurice, Ignace, Carine, Adeline, Jean-Claude, the three lakshmis and all other Yogis. We had a last collective meditation during which we thanked Shri Mataji for that marvellous adventure. Then the silence emanated and pervaded our hearts.

It was the time, the cars came, and our luggage was in the car. Hugs, kisses, a last word, a last goodbye, a last sign of the hard, another one and another but it was already too late; the night covered our African brothers and sisters so fast that we could no longer see each other. At the airport, Ida, Prisca and Victoire, the three lakshmis are inconsolable. The sky joined them in their sadness. Everything was going too fast. One more time, regarding duties, everything is nicely arranged by our Mother, even for the voluminous present for the Diwali, which the group leaving for Portugal were able to take without any problem. As soon as we had reached the airport one of the Yoginis who was working for Air Africa, met a colleague of hers. This man took care of everything ; money, passport, ticket, visa, luggage, and our heavy packages. A sweet sound and a syrupy voice announced our immediate departure. We had to go now. Goodbye and tears melt together. The syrupy voice insisted on our immediate departure one more time. We had to run to the aircraft. The heat of Abidjan was back.

The security, so alert at this time, allowed us to give a last goodbye with our hands to our brothers and sisters who watched us leaving from the cafeteria of the airport. That’s it. We entered in the plane and the feeling of being in the Ivory Cost since 6 month vanished as fast as we could take our place in the plane. The plane went faster and faster and suddenly take off, putting an end to that amazing journey. We already wanted to return to Africa as we dozed, slept, and dreamed of our innocent and wonderful Sahaja Yogi Brothers and Sisters working it out for that great country. It is now 3 weeks since our 10 day experience in Africa, and our feelings, impressions, and emotions are deeply intact within us. We can feel in our heart this lovely link which took place between them and us. We were transform during these 10 days; our desire to spread Sahaja Yoga became stronger, as did our desire to be with other yogis. We can perceive new things because we learnt a lot about ourselves, on the importance of the collective and the importance to use vibrations; simple things, obvious, but things which unfortunately sadly fade away in the habits of every day life. It has been a real and beautiful girl, something hard to describe by word, something which filled us with vibrations, and we will be eternally thankful to Shri Mataji for it. These 10 days spent with our brothers and sisters of the Ivory Coast, allowed us to deepen our yoga, and especially to experience that to get closer together yogis, and to open ourselves to others, brings us closer to Shri Mataji. This love which takes birth when yogis are together, is nothing else but the manifestation of the Love of our Mother.

Jai Shri Mataji



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  1. # 1 Devan Says:

    Great stuff. Real African miracles. Stories like these give us all hope to carry on with our real work

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