Sahaja Yoga, Foire alternative de Bergen - Mars 19984 January 2009

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Posted by Sita (CH) in Sahaja Yoga, Testimonies

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One Response to “ Sahaja Yoga, Foire alternative de Bergen - Mars 1998 ”

  1. # 1 Sweety Hande Says:

    This is the translated text for the above :

    The theme of the fair was alternative medicine. The fair was spread over three days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Several hundred people had their realization. The yogis have worked on people for more than eight hours a day and hardly felt tired in the evening. Instead, they felt full of joy to have met such fine scholars.

    Several people from neighboring booths had their realization. A young girl stands nearby astrology wanted to learn to give the Director an hour after I received it! And she said: “Oh, it gives a lot of joy. She then gave the Director a dozen people throughout the afternoon. Three children, two of 11 years, a 14-year long stopped at the booth (they are children of exhibitors). The 14-year-old said: “Adults think that children are not interested in things spiritual, but we, we are interested! . They sought clarification on the subtle body and came back again to see the pictures miracles.

    A researcher who went was very surprised by the “Chance”: “This morning I woke up, I said:” Today I will look after my Kundalini. Been just, and you say here you awaken the Kundalini!. I do not expect to find it at the fair! .

    A researcher from a company selling herbal medicines has surprised us. Suddenly, a strong breeze reached him, a real draft, that yogis have felt more than 1.50m!.

    In 2000, the sahaja yogis of Norway participated in four exhibitions. At each fair, hundreds of researchers who had their realization left their places to be informed of an upcoming seminar. A quarter of them then came to these seminars!

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