Democracy, Communism, Human Laws and The Spirit12 February 2009

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This is a synopsis of a lecture by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in Bombay on March 24, 1990.

Let us consider the politics and economics of countries … all these systems have a basic problem in their essence. If you know the essence of everything, then it is very easy to handle the situation. If you awaken the spiritual energy of people, they become physically, mentally and emotionally benevolent.

Firstly, consider democracy. What is essentially wrong is that it is money oriented; it is not spirit oriented. Ultimately everything becomes commercialised because basically the problem is inbuilt.

Secondly, consider communism. Its problem is that it is power oriented, and the essence of power orientation is that it becomes so overpowering that a person loses all his control and becomes very cruel and tyrannical - like Stalin.

Thirdly, consider human laws. There is one basic problem built in human laws: the justice system, which is based on fundamental ideas from human value systems. The human value system is a property built within us. As carbon has four properties, so human beings have 10 properties built within. When we act against these properties or when we try to destroy or misuse them, then we do something that is illegal in the name of nature, in the name of humanity.

So the basic problem of human laws is that human beings are not enlightened because their ten properties are not enlightened, and so human laws are not always based on these natural laws, these laws of nature.

Unless these ten properties are enlightened, whatever religion people may follow, whatever books they may read, whatever good they may try to do, whatever may be their great ideas of peace, non-violence etc., the problem will remain while their properties within are not enlightened.

The essence of modern times is that we all have to be enlightened, be aware of ourselves and aware of others on our central nervous system. So when humans become enlightened, these properties become awakened and you know absolutely what is right and what is wrong; what is proper and what is improper. You start living a life which is humane, balanced, happy and healthy.

Human beings are not ignoble beings: Mankind is the epitome of all evolution. The problem is ignorance: in ignorance a rope can be mistaken for a snake. Unless there is light, you cannot see the rope.

So for humans, if somebody can move the clouds, the sun that is the Spirit will shine forth.


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