How Sahaja Yoga Has Transformed Me4 February 2009

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The memory is keen and dramatic of the first time my Kundalini was raised some 16 years ago. Surrounded by gentle, swirling cool breezes, it felt as if a 16-lane highway was opening up inside my back! A feeling of great peace followed; it gave me joy.

I was 45 years old then, the mother of 3 grown children, divorced and living in New York City where my job in minority business development had taken me. Trained by a father who was a government civil servant and a mother who was a political, community development volunteer, they left no doubt in my mind that I was supposed to help save the world. Yet, the world was getting worse and my close proximity to political and community leaders led me to the conviction that I had met the enemy and it was us! Unless we human beings rose to a higher level so we could define the problems with a new and better perspective, our so-called “solutions” would continue to fail. At this life junction I began trying to transform myself with greater intensity during all my non-working hours. I tried Re-evaluation Counseling, Tai Chi, Kriya Yoga and marijuana - all of which soon ceased to be helpful in giving me permanent change. I was also suffering deep depression from divorce, feeling distant from my children and having long, unhappy relationships in search of a new husband. My state of being swung like a pendulum between feeling very elated and energized - to long periods of crying and lethargy, wanting only to be a recluse.

Immediately upon beginning the practice of Sahaja Yoga, my optimism was restored. At last I had found a method of self-transformation that actually worked! My daily meditations produced small, subtle improvements immediately. Both large and small emotional upsets began to subside inside me - even though nothing outside had actually changed. I continued to work in a high stress environment (which was by now in banking) where both customers and employees are most often upset. When I became upset, Sahaja Yoga had taught me how to immediately put myself back into balance. Equally profound was the impact that my restored balance had on the people around me! Their stress and upset also began to subside. I began to realize I didn’t have to say or do anything but if I could simply feel positive and project compassion into a meeting, or on the subway, or in any group situation, the reactions of those around me quickly became more positive. This positive energy was even more contagious than negativity.

After 2 years of the subtle clearing that comes with the daily practice of Sahaja Yoga meditation, I remember reaching a milestone. I could verify the truth that it is possible to keep oneself in a steady state of joy and inner peace. Even though I continued to live and work in stressful environments, now when anger, fear or depression tried to “swamp” my continence it no longer succeeded My departures into the left side (too much emotion) or the right side (too much thinking or action) were happening less and less. Sahaja Yoga had given me the “steering wheel”, the “brakes”, and the power system to get myself back into the center.

In a continuing test as to the truth of Sahaja Yoga methodology, at age 60, I married a 62-year old Ukrainian man who is also practicing Sahaja Yoga. At first it was clear that the “cold war” was not over. We struggled with our opposing conditionings about many issues, but especially those that are 360 degrees opposite of each other, such as the differences in attitudes about authority. Had we not been able to witness some of our own fanatical reactions, and introspect about our lack of ability to forgive and forget, this marriage would have lasted only a few months. What a miracle in human achievement. What a revolutionary discovery for bringing about true world peace. For if peace is going to be genuine, then first it has to happen within our own hearts, then in our own families and finally it can happen within the community.

The founder and teacher of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, recently received honorary membership into the Petrovskya Academy of Science and Art in St. Petersburg, Russia. As the academy’s president handed Shri Mataji the award, he told the audience that this same award was also given to Albert Einstein. “Shri Mataji’s work is even greater,” he said, “because Albert Einstein worked in dead matter. Shri Mataji gives peace to all mankind.”


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