An Experience that changed my life10 January 2009

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By Lt.Gen.VK Kapoor India

My experiences in Sahaja Yoga commenced on the night of 16 Apr 1995 when I first saw Sri Mataji in Calcutta(Kolkata) at a wedding. As I looked at her dynamic, attractive and awesome presence I felt that the care of the disease I was suffering from lay in her hands. At that time I was a Brigadier in the Indian Army, posted at Army Headquarters in Delhi. A few months earlier, in fact in Dec 1994, I had returned from an assignment in New York with the Permanent Mission of India (PMI). While there a strange phenomenon had occurred. One day while working in my temporary office in the PMI, I started feeling uneasy, breathless and nausea. I could also feel my rapid heart beat and my pulse seemed to be much faster than usual. I requested the PMI staff to arrange a doctor to examine my condition. I was taken to a clinic where the doctor put me through all types of examinations including ECG and after about an hour I was advised that there was nothing wrong with me and that the discomfort was due to “ectopics” of the heart, the cause of which could be attributed to psychosomatic reasons and that the condition would probably stabilize in due course on its own. Unfortunately my condition deteriorated on returning to India and after consulting many Heart Specialists I was told that there was no cure for this disease and medication would most likely produce side effects like abnormally low blood pressure which would cause even more discomfort. A “Halters Test” (a record of ECG taken over a 24 hours duration) showed my heart beating 150 to 250 times per minute over a 24 hours period and the doctors felt quite concerned on seeing my condition. This condition continued for nearly four months before I met Sri Mataji in Calcutta. Prior to that I had resigned myself to an invalids life as I used to feel listless, despondent and physically weak. I was planning to quit my Army service due to my physical condition. I vividly remember the scene when we (my wife and I) walked up to Sri Mataji’s location in the wedding hall, where we were introduced by Shri Rajesh Shah, a well known and very devoted Sahaj Yogi from Bombay. Sri Mataji made my wife sit next to her and as I stood in front of her with my folded hands, she asked me to explain what was wrong with me. The love and compassion in her voice made me feel like a child and I found it difficult to control my emotions. Gradually I explained the entire background to my ailment. She smiled and asked to put my right hand on my heart and left hand towards her, take a deep breath, close my eyes and repeat certain words. I was asked to do this three times. At the end Sri Mataji smiled once and said that I was already looking better. She asked me to join the meditation centre in Delhi and learn to meditate and that there was nothing to worry about. As I bent forward to do Pranam, Sri Mataji gently thumped me on my back with her right fist thus awakening my Kundalini, the residual spiritual energy which is in a dormant state within all of us. I could not feel anything at that moment, as I was not sensitive enough though I understood the significance in due course. That night I slept peacefully after nearly four months and on waking up in the morning I felt refreshed and joyful. We did not realize it then but the course of our life had changed. We had been put on the path of Peace, Joy, Satisfaction and Nourishment. We were taught the method of meditation at Delhi and I started attending the collectivity at the SAHAJA Temple in C-17 Institutional Area, in New Delhi. About one and a half months later, one day in the month of Jun 95, when I was meditating at home in the morning at about 4.30 AM, I suddenly experienced a burst of energy in the form of a cool breeze all over my hands, over the body and on top of my head. It was an intense experience of peace and joy. I understood that I had experienced the state of self-realization. Thereafter I have experienced it many times, though not with the same intensity. Later in the month of July 95, I was called for my periodic medical board (after every 5 years) and after all the tests and examinations were done, I was declared medically fit and was promoted to the rank of Major General in Oct 95. Since the past six years it has been a Saga of unique spiritual experiences in SAHAJA YOGA. In the SAHAJA way of life one is constantly blessed by the power and the will of the Lord through the Grace of our Guru Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi who is Sakshat Sri Adi Shakti, the Primordial Mother. I was promoted once again in Oct 2000 to the rank of a Lieutenant General, the highest rank that you can achieve in the Army- and all of this due to the Love and Compassion of our Guru, Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I am presently in an instructional assignment at Mhow (MP) which gives me ample opportunity to teach SAHAJA YOGA meditation to many officers who come to our institution for training. Seeing the enthusiasm of our officers and men we have established a new meditation centre in the Army area. (Lt. Gen. VK Kapoor) Commandant, College of Combat, Mhow (MP)

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