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Shri Mataji Blesses in Lesotho – 10th – 13th December 2004

We were 30 yogis from South Africa who went to Lesotho to give realization .
The day after arriving all of us left early for one of the local prisons. There was a
long queue of relatives of inmates waiting outside the prison gate to visit. The yoginis did not
waste time sitting inside the bus while some of us tried to organise some programme for the
officers on duty. They were out giving self-realisation to the people waiting outside.

During our stay Rajen (leader from South Africa)  received a call from Insp. Lejone Makhakhe of the Police Head Quarters-Lesotho Mounted Police Service, that they had received our invitation to conduct
Stress Management Programmes, and they were very interested on hosting us at their training
head –quarters in Maseru. We met  Inspector Steven in Maseru on Saturday evening and he indicated that he would try and arrange about three programmes for Monday 13th December.

The first Stress Management Programme took place at The Head Quarter of Lesotho Mounted Police Services as arranged by Insp. Steven.

Steven managed to assemble some eighty policemen and women. Rajen Moodley, Krish, Bashnee and Ajeeth represented the Sahaja delegation.
In keeping with stress format no mention was made of religion, deities or God. Attendees
were not asked to remove shoes, nor were they asked to put their hands towards Shri Mataji,
though her picture was on the beautiful chakra chart Rajen got from Spain .
Cosmic Energy was used to replace terminology like “All pervading power of Gods Love”
The response to the presentation was fantastic. Everyone got their realization. All were
curious to know how to decode what they were feeling on their hands after Rajen requested
them to ask a question “ Please show me what is wrong with my self. “
There were beams of smiles when they were asked if they felt a cool breeze above their
heads. The enthusiasm when hand–outs and pamphlets were being distributed was amazing.
They were pushing their way forward like excited school- kids being given sweets. We
thanked them for hosting us and for warm hospitality which we felt from all the people we
met in Lesotho.

Steven thanked us for inspiring them and invited us back to do more .

The whole presentation of the programmes in Lesotho was video-recorded by their media
personnel. .

The second programme was at a police station in central Maseru, where we were received by
Superintendant Ellen Mafake and by approximately 40 of her staff. Again the response was fantastic.
All got their realization, and they were dancing like little children when they felt the cool
breeze. Supt. Ellen, the woman in charge, was like a little school girl beaming with joy and
happiness, especially as she was so formal and business-like at the beginning of the
presentation. She was so pleased to see the joy on the faces of her subordinates.

Again we were thanked for our presentation with eagerness and invited back in future. Supt
Ellen gave a very positive report back to Insp Steven as we were later informed by him. This
brought to an end a very satisfying day.

Interestingly when the bus with yogis came back to  Lesotho there was Thunder and Lightning in the sky with no rain. When we were leaving Lesotho, at the border post, from a clear sky there again was thunder and lighting, and rain began to fall on our drive back bring to closure a memorable tour to Lesotho..
Thank you Shri Mataji.
Ajeeth & Ajay

(extracts report from African newsletter n°10)

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