Who Is Shri Mataji? A Russian Story9 January 2009

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Jai Shri Mataji!

I got this amazing memory from Russian National SY website and translated it to

This is a very good reminder to all of us WHO Shri Mataji is, and that She knows

Please enjoy!

Memory by Sasha Solodyankin (Togliatti)

There everything flows differently


I had one thought, one idea, and nobody knew about it, I did not even share it
with my wife, my wife knew nothing about it, I was just carrying and developing
this thought in myself. This was a good thought on Sahaja Yoga. And when I was
in Cabella, Italy, Shri Mataji tells me: “Sasha you have a thought, so this
thought is incorrect”. I nurtured this idea for five years… Yes… Now I gave
up his idea and I don’t think this way anymore.

Then Shri Mataji asks me (at that time my wife, and my children were in Russia,
and I was in Italy): “Sasha do you know what is your wife doing right now and
where is she?”, I started thinking “What time is now, I don’t have a clock in
front of me, and what time is now in Russia, God, where can she be?” I say: “I
am sorry, Shri Mataji, I don’t know where is my wife right now, and what she is
doing”. Shri Mataji said: “And I know.” and She continued to tell me where is my
wife right now, what is she doing, what is she speaking about and what she is
thinking about. Then Shri Mataji asks me: “And where are your children?” I
estimated, “one must be in the school, another one also in the school”… She
again describes to me where my children are and what they are doing and what
they are thinking. Then Shri Mataji asks: “And where is doctor Bogdan? I think -
Doctor Bogdan might be in Moscow right now or may be he already left Moscow. I
say: I am sorry, Shri Mataji, I do not know, where is doctor Bogdan”. She says: “And I know, where is
doctor Bogdan” and She starts to describe where doctor Bogdan is right now, what
he is doing and what he is thinking.

(That is - can we imagine, WHO Shri Mataji is?)

Shri Mataji then told me that She knows everything that is going on in the whole
world, and She knows about every human being, what he or she is thinking and
what he or she is doing, She knows absolutely about everyone, and She knows
everything which is going on, and not only on our planet, but also in Cosmos,
She knows everything what is happening.

She said that to read thoughts is the simplest thing in Spirituality. However,
since we absolutely not developed in Spirituality, we just started to meditate,
we just began; therefore we still don’t know how to do much, but the time will
come, when our ego and superego will go down, that time we will be able to do
almost the same things as Shri Mataji - if on the Earth someone will be planning
something bad, then we will know about this. But this will happen only later on,
and for now we need to cleanse ourselves so that we could feel vibrations, at
least; and that we should not doubt Shri Mataji.

Such a story. There everything flows differently when you are next to Shri
Mataji. There the state is different. There your entire self is floating in love
and it seems as if - there is no other world exists.

Alexander (Sasha) Solodyankin, Togliatti

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