Who is the Lady in the photogtaph ?9 January 2009

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Our brother Peter Corden organising a tour of Siera Leone which will begin on March 7th 2008. But the story behind this event goes back a while, here is aprt of it. The rest will come from Peter who is preparing a more detailed testimony of this wonderful tale of Africa. When I went to London after leaving Sierra Leone May 13th 1986 I went to the Library and looked up Rutile which was the substance we were mining. It said that Rutile was Titanium Dioxide which had a Tetrogonal Crystaline form consisting of 3 parallel lines one of which was longer ( Shiva’s Trident ) In 1994 Joe Salomom asked me to make a Trident which I then took to Wiseman’s Ferry for Shivatri Puja, it was made of steel and plated with Brass to appear as Gold, it had 11 grooves at the middle to represent Ekadasha Rudra and in a picture you will see Shri Mataji’s hand holding it at these 11 Grooves. This Trident remains at Burwood I believe. In London I also looked up more about this Tetragonal Crystaline form and it said that it represented Yahweh a name too Divine to be uttered. So at Sierra Rutile we are mining this Titanium Dioxide which is a dark colour, so we are involved with Shiva of dark counternance and now we will be there to pay homage to Him and then next to Shri Mataji and also to Lord Jesus at Easter So our timing was thanks to Rajen pushing to go sooner than when I had intended. The story of how one of the new yogis in Sierra Leone is then related. Now Patrick Sheriff replied to me on the second night after his Realisation on October 14th 1985 when I asked him on putting up Shri Mataji’s Photograph,” Patrick who is the Lady in the photogtaph “? He said ” it’s very simple Mr Peter. God is our Father, Jesus is the Son of God and this Lady is the Wife of God” When I told Shri Mataji this in the Austrian Ashram after the Gumunden Guru Puja in 1986 She said “Just feel the vibrations, come up here and tell some more stories.” So first we will open the hearts of this nation with Shiva Puja and next give Self Realisation to activate the Ductless Gland, The Remote Control of the Virata and then Turbo charge the vibrations with more Programs and Pujas ! I hope all Sahaja Yogis worldwide watch rhe film “Amazing Grace”, where the only country mentioned by the slave traders is Sierra Leone. What a Divine pattern Shri Mahamaya weaves over time and She also allows us to have the 3 Pujas whilst is West Africa! Victory to the Lion Rider! I remain your Brother Peter

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