Shri Bhayravha Puja in Afrika - impressions.3 December 2013

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Although many of us attended the first Shri Bhayrava Puja on African soil in Durban over the weekend, it seems necessary for me to share some of my personal impressions - some which reflect those of other people who also attended.

Thanks to the Grace and Blessings of Our Holy Mother, and the desire of the whole African collective present in many countries; the puja was a huge success in terms of attendance and participation;as well as the spirit among those present.

A great surprise was that yogis came from so many African countries and abroad: Angola, Gabon, Cote d’Ivoire, Benin, Togo, Tanzania, and La Reunion. Some did not manage because of delays in visa applications; they were from Zambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and another African country - though I’m not sure which. The UK collective also tried hard to facilitate yogis from these countries, without success. We hope next time it will be different. The difficulties in travelling between African countries cannot be readily appreciated unless one has experienced them, and I got a good impression from exchanges with some of the people at the puja.

Apart from Africa there was a surprising representation from other countries: Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, the UK, the USA, Canada, Colombia, Japan, Hong Kong (China) and I may have missed others. There was also financial contribution towards the puja costs from a number of countries, Germany, Canada, the US - and Ibelieve France as well. It helped to faciltate the attendance of some needy African yogis, among other things. Transport was organised by the Durban collective to fetch yogis from the airport with impecable attention;as were the meals, and other fulfilling excursions to game reserves, and other sightseeing trips in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg. Before the puja, lots of overseas and African yogis joined the johburg collective for havans, meals, sightseeing; and afterwards a number of concerts and Self-Realisation programs took place in various parts of the city. There were many other things, which I obviously missed; and hopefully other yogis will contribute their impressions.

What we all did not miss was the JOY that accompanied us all everywhere; and the level of organisation and the dedication shown by the hosting countries _ the African countries, whowere hosting an internationalpuja for the first time.

There was also deep gratitude expressed by most, if not all, the yogis and yoginis from Africa and elsewhere, for all of us being together at what we all realised was indeed a historic landmark in the life of Sahaja Yoga in Africa.

Many people I spoke to are hoping the next puja will be in West Africa, where the greatest collective is established on the continent. Many could not afford to come; or some could not get visas. Many more are looking forward to the next occasion;and so am I too and others from  this country.

It was a very wise decision that was taken by the CC and I wish to share my message with them, what we all experienced together; I know and I hope you all share my sentiments and all the African collectives and overseas collectives that Mother’s Desire of seeing unity among Her children in Africa was actualised; even though there is along way to go;or maybe it’s all in our mind and She has other plans in store for us; and pleasant surprises.

I am hoping to attend the Seminar in Togo next year, after the sincere plea and invitation from the Benin leader, Dieudonne Hounkanrin, and from whom I learnt a lot about the developments and challenges facing Sahajis in West Africa;which are in fact our challenges all of us. Yet I am full of hope and optimism for the future.  This was also my experience after meeting with other yogis from Gabon, like Pierre-Samuel Ndoussou, the national coordinator. There were other yogis from Gabon whom I met briefly, but I remember the joy and vigour they exhibited during havans both in Johburg and Durban.

And I can truly say I found new friends and brothers and sisters in Durban, through Mother’sGrace. From Africa and throughout the world. The presence of Gregoire de Kalbermatten from the Central Committee, was particularly appreciated as he gave and shared so much of his experiences with Shri Mataji, and the knowledge he and others had obtained directly from Her.

The entertainment evening itself, like the other days before, was sparked with an African flavour, with musicians like Baba, Rose and Emmanuella from Coted’I Voire and Yvon Sao Joslin Fadonougbo from Benin; then there was the lyrical voice of Anandita from Colombia, who alsogave concerts in Johannesburg; and lots of musicians from Tanzania, Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg - and other regions. Also present was a number of yoginis from La Reunion. Next time wehope there will be Madagascar, where there is a lively collective.

Shri Bhayrava was truly present at the Puja;many people attested to the Presence of Our Mother because of the level and quality of the vibrations. We couldn’t ask for more. Maybe we can do just a litte bit more. And embrace each other sincerely, because She expects nothing less.

Bokwe Mafuna



“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without”.

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