Final Realisation Programme with Ivorian Musicians - EASTWAVE RADIO INTERVIEW21 January 2013

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JSM Sanjay !

Follow our telephonic conversation, please receive herewith an account of the final interview with the Ivorian musicians :

Sunday 06 Jan 2013 we had a collective havaan to Shri Ekadasha Rudra, following which the musicians came to stay with me. We were also joined by Aunty Kantu. The collectivity was so joyous that we stayed up till 03h00 !

On Monday 07 Jan 2013, the guests wanted to do some sight-seeing of Soweto as Emmanuelle Anoma needed some video footage of the country to show on the t.v. show that she presents back home.

Time was short and there was much to be done before their return home the following day (tues 08 Jan 2013). We did however wish to do a nice long morning meditation before we left. While preparing for the morning prayers, we spontaneously decided to do a small thanksgiving puja to Mother at the end of their long journey.

As we were setting up the altar for puja, the call came that the interview we were trying to arrange all weekend had been confirmed with Eastwave Radio (conveniently situated close to our home in Lenasia).

After lunch, we sat for puja (108 Names of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi were read). During the puja we were joined by Ravi Pillay. The puja set the tone and placed us all at Sahasrara. While driving to the radio studio, Ravi suggested we play a Quawalli on air as there is a very strong muslim community in the area. We listened to the Quawalli in the car, in preparation and all became very emotional as it touched the heart.

The interview was scheduled for 17h15 on the Drive Show – the best time-slot, with the highest listenership. The D.J. was very positive and appeared to be a great seeker. We spoke about Sahaja Yoga, followed by on – air realisation and ended by talking about music - the musicians and their personal life-stories. We were allocated 15 minutes but stayed for almost and hour.

There were 5 Sahaja Yogis in the studio, so the 5 elements were represented but they made their presence felt just after the self-realisation – a TORRENTIAL WIND shook the entire building. There was no wind prior nor after, only in this moment. The D.J., Salim Cassim, even asked us what was going on !!! A real miracle !

Words cannot describe the feeling of great bliss that followed. It was a HUGE success and it is my personal belief that thousands received their Kundalini Jagrut causing the wind and entire nature to react in that way. I know that we all parted with this feeling of elation. I must say that I am still on that same « HIGH ». Truly amazing, the greatness of the Devi !

I was also very grateful that the journey ended on that note and that the artists were valued and appreciated with this gesture. In this way they will be encouraged to do more great work.

Thanks also to the Devi for enabling it all and blessing us with success.

Bolo Shri Adi Shakti Mataji, Shri Nirmala Devi – Ki Jai !!!

JSM ! Mary-Anne

P.S. The interview will be re-broadcast. I will try to find out when and advise all yogis accordingly.

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