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August 4, 2010 at 6:11pm

Hello Brothers, Sisters, Aunties, and Uncles,

10 Yuvashakti have made it to Istanbul for the next two weeks to participate in the UN sponsored World Youth Congress. This congress has over 1500 delegates from 150 countries who are working in some way to change the world towards the 8 Millennium Goals. These youth are active, dynamic, and in other words AMAZING. We have been meeting tons of people every day who are blowing our mind - they are doing so much for the world and are so open to new solutions.

We have been giving tons of realization EVERY day through workshops, qawwali performances, exhibits, and 7 AM collective meditations. It has been incredible, however we still need your help. We want to give realization to the ENTIRE congress before we leave for the Realize Turkey Tour. So, if you can give bandhans, shoebeat, paper burn, havans, or give your enlightened attention to the World Youth Congress, then we will ride the vibes and do everything we can to make this dream happen.

Just to update you, we have been keeping a blog of all the latest happenings (we are a little behind, but bear with us as there is only one spot in the whole university with Wifi) but by tomorrow we will have all of the events up:


So, keep tabs on our blog, check out what the Yuvas are up to, and feel free to comment and show your support! (Keep in mind this blog is for non-yogis as well)

Jai Shri Mataji

All of our love,

The Yuvas at the WYC in Istanbul

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