A surprising time in Sahara of Morocco17 May 2010

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Dear Sisters,
Dear brothers,

We had a very surprising trip this time to the Sahara of Morocco.
On friday we have met the chief of the state police and Mr Belkacem one of the new seekers. We know him since january and he came to our program in Rabat.
He mentioned about the Yoga; finally the chief invited us to do a Yoga performance; and it happened that during their karate and judo performance they gave us 15 minutes just to give them short introduction about Sahaja Yoga and showing them how to raise their kundalinis.

We had about one thousand guests or more and all kinds of officials; the Wali was there, the Governor, the  Guard of the King and many others. Even the TV broadcasted this event when Hamdi, Bachir our very young Sahaja yogis there and me showed them how to raise the Kundalinis.
Spontaneously hundreds of women stood up and with them many men followed;
with great joy like they were all waiting already for their self realization.
Hundreds and hundreds must have got self realization.
It was a great experience last Saturday.

The chief of the state police he really enjoyed it and also in the morning during brakefast we saw one of the guard raising his kundalini and talking to his colleagues about the experience!

Jai Sri Mataji
Franz and Morocco team

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