News from Nepal5 January 2010

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Jai Shree Mataji,
With the Holy Grace of our beloved Divine Mother, there has been good sahaja progress in Nepal. For some years, sahajis here were trying to obtain a land for Sahaja Yoga. With Shri Mataji’s Divine attention, we have been able to obtain a government land for Sahaja Yoga. The Local Village Development Committee has given a nod to start the work, and further proecessing is still underway. We plan to make a Sahaja Meditation Hall which accommodates around 500 people, and a small two storey Sahaja Ashram. So we had  Havan on 19th December, 2008, just before the Christmas Puja on the Land itself. On that occasion foundation stone for the building was also laid.
Around 300 Sahajis were present at the Havana and enjoyed the blessings of Shri Mataji on this historic moment. The land is situated at Kapan in Kathmandu (capital of Nepal). On the first phase of construction, we are planning a meditation hall and a small ashram. Gradually we are planning for a small health post and a Sahaja School. The latter projects are future extensions, if land and other resources are available, we hope to achieve that as well.
We pary to Shri Matajii for making Her Divine Work a beautiful success, and surrender the project to Her Holy Lotus Feet.

Nirmal Love and Ganesha Cheers from Nepal.


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