Departure - Départ - Shri Mataji - Genova2 January 2010

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Dear all,

Shri Mataji’s departure from Rome to Genova was scheduled for this morning. We had been blessed by the presence of Shri Mataji for 9 days and it was difficult to imagine that all of us should be leaving in all directions of the world. A long line of yogis was eagerly waiting for Shri Mataji in the lobby of the Marriott Hotel and at about 11:15 am after some yoginis (the lucky ones who had been dressed in saris this morning) had offered a last Aarti in the room, Shri Mataji came down with Her family passing by her cheerful children. As we felt that we should not keep Shri Mataji for too long time, the flowers were put on the sides on Her passage. All yogis were following to bid a last farewell outside where Shri Mataji’s car was already waiting. Last moments of deep emotions, silent prayers, promises for this New Year and lots of tears running down from our eyes to see our Mother leaving. A last glimpse on the car, a last smile because many yogis had put their flowers on top of the car’s roof which would leave the nearby roads with the perfume of love. 
Fortunately many of us did not have to leave immediately so we could share some more moments together ….
There are some photographs (arrival and departure of Shri Mataji), hopefully our more talented and better equipped sahaj photographers will sent their albums soon to all of us :
Jai Shri Mataji


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  1. # 1 mangesh wadke Says:

    jai shri mataji
    i want rare old photograph of shri mataji

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