Nouvel an - New Year - Rome - 01.01.102 January 2010

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Dear all,

What a wonderful night to welcome the New Year 2010 in the company of hundreds and hundreds of yogi brothers and sisters united together to worship our Holy Mother Shri Mataji. We felt so excited in our hearts waiting for Shri Mataji to celebrate this collective joy. The Italian yogis had again so lovingly prepared the scene with colorful chains of light and beautiful flowers. We were watching together the video of the inauguration of the new sahaj school in Cabella in the presence of Shri Mataji and immense gratitude filled our hearts for the deep concern Shri Mataji had about the future of all these realized children in the world.
Shri Mataji arrived at about 10 pm with Her family and it was a beautiful scene to see the manager of the Marriott Hotel arriving to welcome Shri Mataji and to offer flowers to Her. Just before the arrival of Shri Mataji, the yogis had announced that Shri Ganesha Puja would be offered this time by all the Yuva Shakti. During the last days, they often had gathered to discuss and also to express their concern for some of their brothers and sisters who were not meditating anymore. They composed a poem together to pray to Shri Mataji so that all of them could settle down again in Sahaja Yoga together in a strong bond of love, mutual understanding in order to take up the responsibility to spread Sahaja Yoga amongst the young people of this world. So we all felt very very happy to see them gathering together to take place just in front of the scene.
In the first part of the New Year’s celebrations, after the yoginis had offered the welcome Aarti to Shri Mataji and a beautiful white flower garland had been put around Her Holy Feet, our dear brother Pandit Sopori and his son were transforming their santoors into Divine instruments, all the angels of the heavens must have gathered around Shri Mataji to listen to their music which reached such artistic heights that the whole atmosphere was filled with joy and love. It was as if all the elements of Mother Earth had transformed into sounds of celestial music. At one moment we heard the joyful dancing of water drops which were then transforming into soft and soothing ripples on a deep lake’s surface, then they were swelling together to reflect the powerful flowing of a Divine river of vibrations until reaching the tremendous force of the ocean’s waves. It was a firework of artistic Divine beauty. The second item saw Pandit and his son accompanying a group of yogis that joined them in a most heart touching vocal rendering to praise Shri Nirmala, to praise Shri Adi Shakti. The tones seemed to join in the air to form a soft veil around Shri Mataji to keep a silent atmosphere around Her as She had closed Her eyes to rest for a while. We felt that universes were turning around Her, that She was doing Her Divine work while we were all together enjoying the music so much.
Just at the end of the last item, Shri Mataji opened Her eyes again. After standing ovations for the artists, the Yuva Shakti came up to the scene in small groups to offer Shri Ganesha Puja to Shri Mataji. Some of them delicately offered flower petals while others brought beautiful flower compositions, plates with puja fruits. We were moved to tears to see their shining, loving faces, to feel their devotion and their humble prayer to Shri Mataji to keep them all united to do the work of Sahaja Yoga. Then it was announced that this time only the Yuvas were to offer the national gifts of the countries and there was a continuous harmonious movement of all them to bow down at Shri Mataji’s Feet. In this intense atmosphere when they were ell offering their love and laying down their hearts before their Beloved Mother, we, the adults at our turn felt such a deep caring for them, to help them, to protect them, to be confident in their spiritual growing and to let them transform into mature yogis without judging them, but being the loving collective parents for all of them.
After all the national gifts had been presented to Shri Mataji and the Yuva Shakti had taken their places again, it was just a few minutes before midnight. The Italian yogis then brought a New Year’s cake to offer to Shri Mataji under the thundering applause of all of us. Sir C.P. led Shri Mataji’s hand to cut the cake and to welcome the New Year. He then wished in the name of Shri Mataji a Happy Year to all of us and he said that this had been such an incredible night which will stay in His memory for ever. He said that we have to love everyone equally because we are all one. He laughingly asked us then if we knew what he would say next. He told us that we had to promise to Shri Mataji who had worked so hard to establish Sahaja Yoga in the world, to take over Her task with full commitment. Then he turned to Shri Mataji to tell Her that we all had promised to do so. He bowed to Shri Mataji to thank Her for all Her work and to express His love in the name of all of us. Such intense moments where we felt that Humanity was on the way to recognize the Divine Nature of Shri Adi Shakti and that we, the yogis, were joining our hearts and voices together to call out for the seekers to come in this New Year of 2010.
Then Duglio, in the name of all the yogis, once again thanked Shri Mataji for Her coming to Rome, for having granted us these incredible moments together celebrating the joy and love of our collectif sahaj life and allowing us to celebrate Christmas Puja and New Year and the sahaj marriages. Shri Mataji then left the hall under the joyful tones of Viennese waltz music of the realized Austrian composer Johann Strauss.
We were all falling into each other’s arms, wishing Happy New Year to each other. The Yuvas had already started to dance full of joy and minutes later we were all dancing and laughing together, happily welcoming these first hours of the New Year. We felt that all the yogis of the world were there in Rome, united in this deep infinite love for Shri Mataji. Shri Mataji, we all surrender to You, our most Beloved Mother, and we promise to dedicate our lives to the work of Sahaja Yoga. Please make us humble and compassionate so that the seekers can feel Your Divine love through us.
Jai Shri Mataji

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