Public program Rome - music - 29.12.092 January 2010

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Dear all,

Another great evening has just gone to its end and it was extremely rich. At 6:00 pm we started to gather in the big hall to eagerly await the new people attending the public program. The decoration of the hall was very beautiful. In the middle of the scene was the screen, on the left side a huge photograph of Shri Mataji with such a beautifully smiling face, the same that had been used on the posters. And on the right side the yogis had fixed the Cchakra Charly which had been transformed, let’s say, into an Italian yogi of the Renaissance with a face that you can find on Michelangelo’s pictures.
It’s impossible to say how many new people were there tonight, maybe we‘ll get more information from the Italian yogis by tomorrow but the hall was completely full. Even though there were lots of yogis of course, there was this particular atmosphere of the big public programs in presence of Shri Mataji. The vibrations were so strong and just the idea that the night before Shri Mataji had been there to bless the sahaj marriages, made the scenery even more special and auspicious.
The program started at about 7:00 pm with the yogis from the Togliatti Academy who played a number of highly inspired bhajans before Adriano, an Italian yogi did the first part of the introduction. Although not many of us master the Italian language we were all spellbound by the absolute perfection of the evening. Such eloquence, such a melodious flow of the various speakers who alternated to present the program. They were all so elegant and beautiful, inner beauty giving them outer beauty of a very special kind, the attraction of Shri Ganesha, the radiance in their faces and smiles, their professional way to present in such a spontaneous way. We all felt so proud of them how well they were presenting Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yoga. After a more general short presentation which was beautifully constructed (hopefully we can have the powerpoint presentation to translate it), the main focus was on the positive effects of Sahaja Yoga on health in general and on certain pathologies in particular. A very clear outline of the positive effects of Sahaja Yoga and the subtle system before an Italian yogini guided the audience in order to get their realization. So many hands rose at the end to testify that they had felt the cool vibrations and inner silence. There was a quite long part of meditation which was very deep and it was amazing to see throughout the whole program the deepl attention and interest that the new people had for the presentation of Sahaja Yoga. After the realization, the yogis suggested a short workshop to help people feel the vibrations better and the yogis of Togliatti Academy offered a meditative musical background. It was really a tremendous program and we pray that many of the new people will come back for the regular courses.
After the end of the public program, the yogis came once again together for a beautiful presentation of our sahaj artists. These evening programs will go on for the following nights and show us the variety and richness of sahaj culture. Victor Vertunni, our beloved Master of Ceremony and great artist himself, led through the evening. We had a very beautiful dance presentation of two Indian yoginis from UK and two other items presented by a young yogini of 16 years from Delhi. They well deserved the huge applause of all the yogis. Then a young Belgian artist, Eron, presented his compositions. He has such a beautiful voice and wonderful guitar techniques. He played three items for us, one love-song dedicated to the newly married couples. He will release a CD in spring, so let’s give bandhans for him that it sells very well and meets public enthusiasm.
Then Victor announced a young Russian artist, Stanislaw, who is teaching Kuchipudi dance in the Togliatti Academy and who has studied for four years the Delhi style of Kuchipudi dance.  Some of you might have seen him this summer during the Cabella Festival. He enamoured us with two items and especially his performance of the ten avatars of Shri Vishnu. As Victor said he is an absolute master of his art. Then Wladimir, another teacher of Togliatti Academy in Russia, shortly presented the work of the Academy that had started ten years ago, and he very beautifully explained how the teaching has outreached the area of Indian culture to transform classical Indian dance and music into Sahaj culture, uniting all nations. He told us that this year 2009 had been extremely rich for the Academy as it was the year where India had been celebrated in Russia and that the artists had organized over 2000 (!!) programs throughout Russia. He invited all of us to join the Academy!
The night beautifully ended with a raga played by Selim from Turkey on the sarod and accompanied by Romain from France on the tablas. Such a harmony between the artists and such a beautiful rendering. Another incredible day has finished in Rome. A group of children had the blessing in the evening to sing some songs for Shri Mataji in Her room.
Love to all,
Jai Shri Mataji

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