Haldi ceremony - Rome28 December 2009

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Dear all,
On this so auspicious day of the sahaj mariages, we have had such a wonderful time this morning during the Haldi Ceremony. It is not so easy to organize such a sahaj colourful (!!) event in a hotel like the Marriott. But the Italian yogis have really thought of everything. They have brought whole bulks of carpet to cover the floor and this morning a little space in one of the corridors saw itself transformed in a heaven of joy and laughter, of tears of joy (mostly from the parents of the future couples), of incredible vibrations when we all came together to see the future married couples being covered with the vibrated Haldi paste. At the end, no face stayed clean of all the yogis around, we rejoiced in such a collective joyous mood, singing bhajans together to praise our Holy Mother, so close to us, which means just one floor higher.
These famous lines that C.S. Lewis has written in his book “The Great Divorce” where he talks about men and women who join together and dance in front of the Goddess, they really became reality this morning. We remembered that Shri Mataji had said during the previous sahaj marriages that this day the brides and bridegrooms are considered as Deities. They were all exalting in joy, dancing with such innocence, smiling all over. Many of us remembered their own marriage day and these beautiful souvenirs brought back tears to many eyes. What a blessing that Shri Mataji is granting us to have yogis from all over the world mixed up through this Divine bond of marriage.
We all had to love when we saw the faces of the Marriott’s staff that was in the area around seeing the yogis with their yellow faces, just laughing from one ear to another. But as the Italians have such an open heart we could feel that they joined us in this collective joy.
The day will be very intense for the future married couples. Right now, they are preparing themselves and they will meet in one of the halls in the afternoon before the brides and the bridegrooms will separately offer a puja to Shri Mataji to seek her blessing for the marriage.
The marriage ceremony should then start at about nine o’clock and as it has been announced in the presence of Shri Mataji.
So more news later in the night,
Lots of love from all of us here in Rome,

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