Christmas - Noël & New Year - Nouvel an - Rome - 27.12.0928 December 2009

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Dear all,

A new day for the Sahaja Yogis to absorb the vibrations of Shri Mataji whose presence we can feel so much in our heart. After a beautiful talk of Shri Mataji of a Christmas Puja in our collective morning meditation of this Sunday morning (26th December), everyone was anxious to listen to the marriage announcements. A first part was announced this morning under the collective applauding.
Many yogis took the occasion to spend the day in Rome, the yuvas gathered to do a trip into the city to spread 30000 leaflets for the coming public program. Another group of yogis did a 4 hours’ trip to the 7 hills of Rome, and many others organized themselves to follow one of the Sahaj routes prepared by the Italian yogis to visit vibrated places or to go to important places in Rome which need vibrations.
In the evening we all gathered again in the big hall for the evening program. The Indian Sahaja Yoga who led through the evening announced that Shri Mataji was going to watch the program in Her room. The evening started at about 9 pm with some bhajans sang by the children of Dharamshala school. Such harmonious voices joined together in praise of Shri Ganesha and they left the scene under big applause.
Then a very important moment arrived which we all love so much, when the marriages are announced and the future couples come up to the stage to bow down. What a collective joy despite the fact that we could not really see many couples as either the future husband or the future wife were missing or arrived later on.
Then four young girls beautifully dressed offered a short very beautiful dance item for us before the main artists of the evening were presented. A young Indian vocal singer led us to the heights of artistic beauty. Such a beautiful rendering, her whole body expressed the depth of her composition.
Then our Indian yogi who himself was an artist of speech because the way how he introduced the artists, was so well prepared, so eloquently. A real joy and pleasure to listen to him how his love for art transformed into beautiful words. He announced an artist that we know very well, he has played in front of Shri Mataji for several times, Pandit Sopori, Sahaja Yogi and a world famous Santoor player which has already won such prestigious awards. He is definitely one of the greatest artists, so joyful and humble. He comes from a family with a long tradition in classical Indian music, his grandfather and his father, and this night he was performing with a tabla player and his son accompanying him on the santoor as well. We were told that he has brought important changes to Indian classical music as he was the first one to fully use the santoor to compose ragas as traditionally in India the santoor was more considered as an instrument for folk music.
When Pandit presented himself to the audience, he thanked Shri Mataji for all Her blessings that had allowed him to improve his artistic skills and to get such an inspiration in his compositions. He then read out to us the words of the Raga he has composed in worship of Shri Mataji, Rag Nirmalkauns. How to express the depth of this brother’s soul that shone in his face and flew in his melodious words. When Pandit speaks, it’s already music. In this raga that he had already presented to Shri Mataji this summer in Cabella, he praises and sings the glory of Shri Mataji in such a beautiful way. Just a summary of some parts where he says that Shri Nirmala is for ever in his heart, that he remembers Her in every moment of his life. And his most humble request is that he should meet Shri Mataji in every moment of his life and this should be his eternal bliss.
We were all deeply touched to have the chance to be the audience for such a devoted Sahaj brother, whose art was for the service of the Divine, an artist who reaches such a level of perfection through his complete surrender and deep love for Shri Mataji.
What meditative moments to listen to his rendering of this raga. We could also admire the artistic beauty of his son who seems to follow the footsteps of his father to become an acclaimed artist. Pandit led us through such heights, soft parts alternated with a firework of rhythmic speed. Already the santoor he played on was a masterpiece of handicraft and to see then his swift moves that our eyes could hardly follow, the incredible tones and harmonies, dwelling sounds that he created, such an artistic perfection.
After long minutes of applause and standing ovations, our hearts flew over with love and admiration for this great artist, he was told that Shri Mataji had listened very intensly to his concert in Her room. Our Indian yogi summed up so well by saying that the highest level of music is reached when the artist, the accompanying musicians, the instruments and the audience melt together in perfect union. This is called Rasa and the highest level of Rasa is Anand-Rasa, when this union is absolute and becomes the Nectar of Joy. So this evening was really a celebration of Divine art, rendered by a sahaj artist to its utmost perfection.
Jai Shri Mataji !

Love, Doris

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