Christmas Puja (Noël) Rome 0928 December 2009

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Dear all,

What a tremendous Puja night. It’s only when we all started to leave the hall that we really were aware how many yogis have come for Christmas Puja. Such a collective joy.
From 8pm onwards all the yogis had gathered in the puja hall. The Italian yogis made an announcement about the public program that will take place in the Marriott Hotel on the 29th December at 6:30 pm. They have sent invitations to all the ‘political class’ of Italy, to the President, the Prime Minister, the ministers, etc. and they asked us to give a collective bandhan (please join in) so that many seekers should come for the program. At the same moment, a television team of a main channel arrived outside the hall to arrange an interview with one of the yogis about the program, just when we were all giving a bandhan. Let’s call it a direct call to heaven!
Shri Mataji came to the Puja hall at about 9:15 pm and She was welcomed by William Blake’s Jerusalem. What a beautiful rendering, we were all moved to tears to see Shri Mataji arriving on stage in a red and golden sari. After the offering of the welcome Aarti, a flower garland was placed around Shri Mataji’s Feet.
The children were already lining up to offer their little hearts and their most beautiful and sweetly shining faces to Shri Mataji. So many of them patiently waited and, one by one they did Namaskar to Shri Mataji and offered some flower petals at Shri Mataji’s Feet. The power of Shri Ganesha was everywhere in the air and we all could feel their love for Shri Mataji pouring from their hearts.
Then, ten yoginis came up to the stage to hold the sari while Shri Mataji’s Feet were decorated with Kum Kum and the ornaments of the Goddess. There was such a grace in all movements and joy in the air with the 108 names of the Goddess sung by all of us.
We only sang the first part of the Aarti and the last Sahasrara Mantra and we literally fell into a long Namaskar. After Sir C.P. had taken his seat next to Shri Mataji, the organising country, Italy, offered a very very beautiful mirror. Impossible to cite all the countries and their presents, but just to mention the ones that created the deepest emotions and joy. There was Madagaskar wich is a new country for Sahaja Yoga, there was a long applause for the African yogis, our brothers and sisters from Gabon and South Africa. When the yogis of Israel and Palestine presented their gift together, we all felt such a desire in our heart to see this region finally find peace under the premises of sahaj friendship and love. Then there was the announcement of a very special gift arriving directly from the North Pole. The secret was soon revealed when under general laughter Santa Claus entered on the stage bringing along the presents which will be distributed to all the children tomorrow. The American yogis lined up and announced the arrival of a new country in Sahaja Yoga, Alaska. Lots of applause again. Beautiful gifts were offered to Shri Mataji expressing the love an
Jai Shri Mataji

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