Rome 25.12.09 with Shri Mataji25 December 2009

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Dear all,
After a day which saw all yogis arriving, settling down, sharing the joyful event of last night’s arrival of Shri Mataji in Rome, we all gathered in the big hall at about 7 pm for the evening meditation. As we have to respect the timing of the hotel for food, actually there was more moving and going and coming, so we were all called to hurry up to have dinner as Shri Mataji would arrive in about 30-40 minutes. Such great news, especially for those who had missed last night. In fact there was not really much time for dinner but who cares under such circumstances when we know that on this most auspicious day of Christmas we are going to be  blessed by the presence of Shri Mataji. So quickly everyone was hurrying back to the main hall when the news came that Shri Mataji was on the way. Joy and laughter in the air, gratitude and awareness of these historical moments, silence was then settling down.
The sound of Swagata Agata filled the air when Shri Mataji was entering the hall at about 8:15 pm. Rumours had run before that there would be a little puja and after the Aarti offered by some yoginis, all the children could come on the stage to offer flowers to Shri Mataji’s Feet. It was amazing to see how many children were there, so sweet and dignified all of them. Shri Mataji was watching them intensely.
Then the Austrian choir presented some very beautiful and heart-touching Christmas carols to Shri Mataji after thanking Mother to be with all of us in Rome. We felt like if after centuries of silent and deep worship of all the saints on this earth, we were all here sitting in front of Shri Mataji to praise Her in the form of Shri Jesus and Shri Mary. When the yogis started singing Holy Night, Silent Night, joy and bliss raise from our hearts and an intense gratitude. We all were there, no matter if physically present or not. Shri Mataji moved Her left foot several times quite strongly and Her left Nabhi toe as well.
After this beautiful Christmas carols we all stood up to applaud Shri Mataji who had been with us for nearly 50 minutes and who then left to return to Her room accompagnied by the soft tones of the yogis voices. Another extraordinary evening in the presence of the Divine !
Jai Shri Mataji

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