Shri Mataji in Rome25 December 2009

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Dear all,
How to describe this incredibly beautiful moments that we have lived tonight in Rome. Shri Mataji arrived at about 8 pm with Her family just in front of the main entrance of the Marriott Hotel. As the night was not too cold, most of us were waiting outside, with their heart beaming with joy to receive Shri Mataji. We were about 200 yogis, some yuvas had prepared banners with “Welcome Shri Mataji”. We were like small children so eager to see their Mother arriving and for many of us, it was since long time only that we were able to welcome Shri Mataji in such a familiar way.
When Shri Mataji’s car arrived  suddenly some strong wind blows could be felt by all of us, like if nature wanted to cool down the atmosphere and welcome Shri Mataji as well. When the Italian yogis asked us to open a corridor to let the chair of Shri Mataji pass, each little heart hoped that our flowers could be offered at a moment or another. Everyone was following in direction of the elevators when suddenly we saw Shri Mataji moving towards the center of the hall just in front of the big Christmas tree. What a joy when we realized that Shri Mataji et Sir C.P. would stay with us for some more time, in all about 20 minutes. Everybody helped to quickly push the sofas and chairs to make place for everyone. We were so close to Shri Mataji. Duglio welcomed Shri Mataji in the name of all yogis and thanked Her for coming to Rome. Shri Mataji answered and it was translated into English that She was so happy to see so many yogis gathered to welcome Her and that She felt so glad. Each yogi could then offer his flower at the Holy Feet of Shri Mataji and do Namaskar. At a point, Shri Mataji said that She was happy to see some yoginis wearing saris. Sir C.P. stood up from his chair when some Italian ladies started to offer Aarti to Shri Mataji. We all prayed that these moments may last for ever. Shri Mataji left some moments later to take the elevator bringing Her to Her rooms repeating again how happy She was to see so many yogis. All yogis were applauding. The vibrations were so strong and such a joy could be seen on all the faces. After Shri Mataji had left, so many happy hearts welcomed their brothers and sisters from many different places. What an extraordinary evening for all of us and this is just the beginning.

Love, Doris


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