Consultant Physicians and Medical Specialists receive their Self Realization at MAPCO 200912 November 2009

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Consultant Physicians and Medical Specialists from all over Maharashtra State receive their Self Realization  at MAPCO 2009

A massive Medical Conference- MAPICON 2009 comprising of Consultants from Internal Medicine and Medical Specialists from all over the Maharashtra State including Consultants of all Major Hospitals from Corporate sector , Government sectors , Defense Sector and other Public Service Undertakings was held from 6-8 Nov. 2009 at the picturesque hill station Mahabaleshwar about 250 km from Mumbai. This was organized by the Association of Physicians of India. A large number of Pharmaceutical companies and Hospitals supported and sponsored the conference. About thousand Consultant Physicians from all over Maharashtra attended the Conference including many well known Senior Specialists and Super Specialists in various Medical Fields were invited as Guest Speakers.

In the month of October 2009 Director International Sahaja Yoga Research and Health Centre (Vashi Hopsital, India) had impressed upon the Medical Association - the organizers of this Conference for accommodating a possible slot for introducing a Sahaja Yoga presentation. But, in response he was given to understand that the entire program was already finalized and all slots for presentation were fixed and closed way back in May 2009. However, subsequently an Article on Scientific evidence of the Medical Benefits of Sahaja Yoga was sent by Director to the Organizers for their perusal in the hope that they might consider it and allow them to make a presentation.

On his arrival to the Conference site Dr. Rai to his pleasant surprise witnessed that they had already printed his entire sent Article on the scientific evidence of the Medical benefits of Sahaja Yoga titled ‘Consciousness and Neurobiology: the Development of Brain’s Defenses against Psychological and Physiological Stress in their prestigious Souvenir, which was circulated to all the Medical Specialists all over the Maharashtra State.

This was probably the beginning of downpour of blessings from Shri Mataji that, another on the second day of the Conference while the sessions were going on in full swing, Dr. Rai casually inquired from one of the Organizers about any possibility of Sahaja Yoga Presentation and to his utter surprise the organizers who had earlier expressed their inability to give him time for presentation, now readily agreed, as if they were waiting to be asked for it, which was almost an impossible happening. It was nothing but a miracle transforming into a reality.

It was one of the Chief Organizer who agreed to give half an hour of his own one hour presentation time as a substitute to accommodate Dr. Rai and asked him to make his presentation at peak hours of the conference when maximum numbers of Medical Specialists were present in the auditorium. It was evident by this time that everything was a divine driven event that was happening was under Mother’s attention.

The Power Point Presentation on ‘Consciousness Development through Sahaja Yoga and its benefits on Stress’ unfolded a great spiritual blended scientific mystery to a capacity packed Auditorium. The audience keenly observed and listened to each and every word spelt and slides exhibited in rapt silence. Two recently concluded researches from Health Centre-Vashi were also presented as an evidential proof to what we call as the real happening behind all sciences.

The entire auditorium packed Consultants were eager to get an experience of this unique happening; Shri Mataji’s picture image highlighted the centre of the stage while, en-masse Self Realization programme was conducted by Dr. Madhur Rai, Chief Medical Officer, Vashi Hospital. It was so amazing to see the gentry of the cream of “Intelligentia” and the “Scientific Brains” that pose a great challenge in accepting Sahaja Yoga easily was feeling the cool Divine vibrations with such an ease. The entire hall in no time was filled with vibrations as the Divine attention was very evident all through the programme.

The doctors were keen to know more about the processes of the meditation. Several inquiries were sought just immediately after the Self Realization as how much time to meditate, how to meditate, etc.. Every thing happened so spontaneously that it was difficult to even conceive the idea that in such a short span and in that prime hour of the conference how in spite of the time constraints everything was accomplished. Later in a brief the audience was apprised of the official website of Sahaja Yoga along with the relevant addresses and phone numbers of important Sahaja Yoga Meditation Centres around the State. Later at the end of the session the organizers of Association of Physicians of India thanked and felicitated Dr. Rai with memento and placed a request to carry out similar presentations for The Association of Physicians of India in different States of India for their respective branches.

Shri Mataji we deeply thank You for this event and for bestowing blessing upon us with this unique opportunity to take Sahaja Yoga in such a large forum in the State. May Thy be done! Amen.

Jai Shri Mataji


Testimony received from Jainendra jain <> a Sahaja Yogi based in India.


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