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Our  dear  and  beloved  brothers  and  sisters,  members of the World
Council for the Advancement of Sahaja Yoga!

With  much  joy,  we  would  like  to  inform You that the Ministry of
Justice of the Russian Federation has officially registered the Public
Movement  “Sahaja  Yoga”  on  the  territory  of  Russia.  The Russian
collective  has  been  going  to it for four long years when, finally,
thanks  to  the  Divine support of our Holy Mother Shri Mataji Nirmala
Devi  and  Sir C.P. Srivastava this important event took place. A high
honour  was  done  to  our  social  movement: Her Highness Shri Mataji
Nirmala  Devi and Sir C.P. Srivastava agreed to enter into the Council
of  Trustees  of the Movement “Sahaja Yoga” in Russia for an unlimited
period  of  time.  Dmitry  Korotaev  was  elected  Coordinator  of the
Movement, according to the recommendations of Shri Mataji and Sir C.P.

According to Shri Mataji’s will, since 2005, the direct representation
of  Russia  in  the  World  Council has been made by the world leaders
Dmitry  Korotaev and Alexander Solodyankin. The main task of the World
Council  for the Advancement of Sahaja Yoga were the developing of new
methods and the supporting of the initiatives connected with spreading
Sahaja  Yoga  in  the world and we are always happy to make our humble
input into this great work.

We  thank our beloved brothers Dr. Bogdan and Alan Wherry who rendered
us mediatory assistance regarding our wok as direct representatives of
Russia in the World Council. Their valuable brotherly advice supported
us greatly at the initial stage.

At present, you can exercise all the official contacts with the Social
Movement “Sahaja Yoga” regarding the issues of Sahaja Yoga advancement
in  Russia  directly  through  the  Coordinator of the Social Movement
“Sahaja Yoga” in Russia Dmitry Korotaev

Tel. +79178202863

With warmest and most affectionate respect to all of you,

Eternally Yours,

Dmitry Korotaev,

Coordinator of the Social Movement “Sahaja Yoga” in Russia
Member of the World Council for the Advancement of Sahaja Yoga

Alexander Solodyankin

Member of the Coordinating Committee of the Social Movement “Sahaja Yoga” in Russia
Member of the World Council for the Advancement of Sahaja Yoga

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