Pictures of Shri Mataji in Tunisia20 October 2009

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Posted by Sergio (CH) in Photos, Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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5 Responses to “ Pictures of Shri Mataji in Tunisia ”

  1. # 1 Jean-Paul Says:

    Les vibrations fraiches dans les mains et au 7e chakras, une Connexion incroyable au cours de la méditation face à l ‘écran du PC.
    Merci pour ce site fait avec tellement d’amour que j’en suis tout à fait d’ému ( émotion du coeur).
    Merci à Shri Mataji pour nous faire découvrir cette ouverture du coeur qui ne demande Qu’à se manifester.

    Jai S. M.

  2. # 2 Bokwe Says:

    How lovely to be reminded of Mother’s presence in Africa! Thank you Mother and may Sahaja Yoga take root in Tunisia and elsewhere.


  3. # 3 yogesh Says:

    whenever i am on internet ilove to see shree mataji .and i goes in shri mataji

    main ma se kitna pyar karta hoon aur ma mujhse kitna jyada pyar karti hain.
    us nirmal prem ka mahaanand muje ma har samaya karvati hai.
    i can’t never told how i injoy my mother love.

    so in a few word i love shri mataji and you all.

    jai shree mataji…………………………………………………………………..

  4. # 4 bhavesh Says:

    jai shree mataji….
    MAA dhanyawaad ki aapne hume har mod par sahara diya.. aur aap hamesha hamare sath rhe, hame har musibat se nikala jaise vah musibat kabhi aai hi nhi ho….. thank you so much maa… ki aapne hame is kabil banaya ki ham aap se kuch keh sake,, me kya kahu maa aap to antaryami ho…. maa… bas MAA I LOVE U…..

  5. # 5 bhavesh Says:

    MAA.. MAA.. MAA.. MAA.. MAA..

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