Cleansing!!!13 July 2009

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Dear all, here is a lesson on how we in Africa, could start working on the numerous sites of battles, wars, and genocide that are haunting our people and continent. We are hosting two Pujas in succession, and have all the time and opportunity to repeat what the Belgian collective is doing. Note also that many soldiers from Africa died and are buried in some of these battlefields in Europe, especially during the Second World War; so this concerns Africa directly, as well. There is a need for us to do this even with Puja offerings, at special places in our own countries, after local puja ceremonies, too; or havan ashes. Then when we are blessed to be in front of the Goddess, to make it a point that we don’t overlook the opportunity to ask for the permission to do what Belgium did. Below is the message from Bernard the coordinator in Belgium. Thank you Belgium.
Dear Brother/Sister,

After quite many discussions during the last week end, the idea came that we might DO something with Shri Mataji’s blessings for the situation in Belgium. I mean the heaviness of the country due to all the wars that have made Belgium the battlefield of Europe during so many centuries.

With 2 or 3 we had decided that we might go to a very important place which carries lots of very strong symbols. This place is Ieper where enormous sufferings have been endured by so many soldiers from so many countries and communities. The surroundings of Ieper are indeed a large cemetery for many nationalities: in the first world war, 500 000 soldiers from different countries died in this place - so it really is one of the great places of war in Europe. For a country that now has been given the mission to represent the left nabhi and peace of the world, it will be a good step to clear these battlefields…

Moreover Ieper carries lots of emotions which have taken an important part in the tensions between our two main Flemish and Frenchspeaking communities.

We wanted to go there to pray Shri Mataji to free all these wandering souls and to ask Her also to destroy the negativity that is cause of so many tensions in this country.

So after the Guru Puja in Cabella, I went to the pujari and explained to him what we wanted to do. He said the coconut is to be burried there. So he gave me coconut that was at the Feet of the Goddess and the leaves and the rice. Alok brought everything back to Everbeek.

Antonio gave also some of the flowers offered by the children during the Puja. All this will be brought in Ieper.

So if you have the opportunity and you want to put your heart in this prayer you are invited in Ieper this Sunday 12/7.

The meeting point is the place of Mesen (Nl) / Messines (Fr). From there we´ll go to Ieper.

If you need more info, please call 00/32/ 474/ 297623

Much love

Bernard on behalf of the Coordination team

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