The difference between a realized soul and an ordinary person9 July 2009

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“It is impossible for one to exist even for a moment without action.  The impulse of nature compels man to act.  Do your duty, for action is superior to inaction”.  (III, 5)

“Action is higher than inaction, therefore, perform thy allotted task.  Even the life of the body cannot be sustained without action.”  (III, 8)

It is not possible to exist without breathing.  Breathing is an action.  You cannot help but act.  The heart cannot help but beat, the eyes cannot help but see, the ears cannot help but listen; the mind cannot help but chatter.  Nature compels man to feed and protect the body.  It is an inborn function.  It can be limited but not eliminated, for action is the mantra that makes the body tick.  Man’s body is an energy field; the energy releases and recycles in physical action.  Inaction causes lethargy and disease.  Therefore, in his own interest man has to perform action.  Nor can he go against the current of his nature.  The sun has no choice in the matter of the emanation of its rays.  Likewise, man has no choice but to act.

Action is his inherent nature; hence he should perform it to the best of his abilities.  One can never be inactive even for a moment.  Some thought, good or bad, emanates from the mind each second.  These thoughts propel action.  The chain of thought set unto action only ends when our inward consciousness comes clearly into sight.

The difference between a realized soul and an ordinary person is that the former (akacri) one works without being consciously aware that he is working whilst the latter tires himself out thinking he is working and responsible.


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