Collectivity - its meaning9 July 2009

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“Collectivity doesn’t mean that we all should be stuck together with some glue or something, or that we all become like Gibraltar, Rock of Gilbratar.  No, it doesn’t mean that.  It means wherever you are, you are connected.  That is collectivity.  A collective doesn’t meant that you hate that person.  No, your connection  means that you love that person; you’re concerned about that person.  The connection, the connecting line, is of love and not of hatred.  So when you are connected with another person or persons, then you are collectivity.

But people will live together and every day, break each other’s heads.  Sometimes some of them really give Me headaches, because they are nowhere near the real growth of Sahaja Yoga .So you may be in America, you may be in India, you maybe anywhere but you are just connected, and you are concerned.  As soon as there’s a problem somewhere, into any part of the world, you are connected and you’re effective.  But if you are not connected and are just glued together then it’s very inconvenient to live under such circumstances.”

“I think people don’t even understand the meaning of collectivity which is where there’s not the other, ‘ananya’ .  There’s no other personality.  These personalities  who don’t understand collectivity are separated from you because of left and right, or both.  But you are yourself fully conneced when you’re absolutely detached and your kundalini’s dancing if you’re alone, yet never alone!”

“This oneness with the whole gives you all the security that you want, all the joy you want, and that’s why kundalini awakening means collectivity.”

“Unless and until you want pure collectivity in your being, Kundalini won’t rise.”


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