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Secrecy was required because the corridor of whiteness was under attack, surrounded on all side by spies, the ongoing aggression of powerful enemies who were preparing the imminent onslaught of Thanatophor (the Devil/ Dark force).  To make the point plainly, the vision offered by the magic scroll shifted and Lakshman’s (one of the character’s of the book) vision penetrated a network of underground caves, deep within an inhospitable mountain that he could not locate in time or space.

He intruded briefly and found to his horror that he had landed at the Dark Council of the necromancers and witches of Belzebseth (Dark force).  The witches were in session, deliberating ways and means to identify and entrap the returning Avastas (saints).  They assumed that the Avastas had returned to the human race very recently and that they were therefore either children or young people.  So, they reasoned, this was the right time to catch the Avastha children before they could fully express their powers.  However, the witches were greatly frustrated at not being able to recognize the Stealthstars (saints), their parents or the families into which they had been born.

Laksman recovered from his initial fright as he realized that he was invisible to the assembly he was spying on.  By listening to the deliberations of the sorceresses, Lakshman was able to understand their strategy, which was straightforward two-pronged attack.

Children were the targeted victims.  Firstly, the female servants of Belzebseth would attempt to break up families:  adultery, separated couples and divorces were seen as optimal means of destroying or emotionally weakening the children.

Secondly, the attack would target the children themselves and push them into the kind of behaviour that would unquestionably be harmful.

A young, good-looking witch croaked, “ We must get at the couples because, without finding the parents, we cannot reach their children.  Let us seduce the dear husbands; we have many tricks for that, and their susceptibility to seduction is the weakest link in the family.”  At this all, the witches burst out into a conniving roar of laughter.

However, it turned out that, despite their well-organised spy networks the witches did not have many clues to the whereabouts of the Stealthstars, nor did they know where they had landed.  They had heard about schools for Stealthstar children scattered throughout the world but the ravens had to far been unable to locate them.  “This indicated that a higher magic is protecting these families,” a witch with a rather long nose said resentfully.

…The witches concluded their Council meeting by adopting a stratagem.  They decided to assume attractive human forms, to become popular trendsetters and stars within human society, and to promote lifestyles by which the earthling children would be misled in ways that would prevent them from accessing their inner powers. The witches’ wicked laughter provoked a surge of anger in Lakshman and he realized that this anger revealed his presence as a hot beacon of light.  At this, the witches became very agitated, casting nervous glances in his direction.

Lakshman was afraid that the witches might catch him observing them and he heard an anxious voice resounded in his head, “Retreat, retreat hastily and do not open this casket again for several days!  Otherwise the witches will find you and this would be a catastrophe.  Hear me, I am your friend…

Taken from:  The Legend of DAGAD TRIKON

By:  Gregoire de Kalbermatten

Posted by Bokwe in Literature

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