Coulour of Life24 March 2009

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COLOUR OF LIFE is a song written by 8 hands: 4 black and 4 white ones, 8 hands which act as one. In this way, the notes which make up the song, black and white, are equal: a song.  And so they dance together, minims and quavers, white and black notes, but without a hitch.

That’s why this sweet song is dedicated to the Love of our family and to the blessed day when a large international get-together will reunite the children of the One who has given us this love. Love for one another as well as ourselves, and Her Love for us, which transcends all differences of opinion.

This song was born out of the common desire to see Africa honoured by a massive response to its invitation addressed to its brothers and sisters of the other four continents.  We should be aware that it is extremely difficult for an African to travel outside his country.  Most governments on the other four continents systematically refuse visas.  A limited number of invitations exist, allowing someone to welcome an African into his home, but only by accepting responsibility for his stay and all expenses in case of accident or illness.

That’s why very few African yogis have had the chance to benefit from Shri Mataji’s darshan, that is, to be within Her physical presence.

They invite Sahaja Yogis from the four other continents, and hope and wait with open hearts and arms to receive them.

To go to Africa is also to go into the Swadisthan which contains the pure knowledge, otherwise called the Truth, which is nothing else but this Love.   Subtly, it might be that if you refuse to go there, you also refuse to embrace this pure knowledge.

We are convinced by the coolness of the vibrations on this subject that this meeting must take place and that it will be a point of departure into a new immersion in our collective consciousness.

Come to Africa !


Colour of life 

Ma Mère est venue parler d’une histoire qui conte l’aventure de ses enfants, oui

My Mother came to talk of a story about the adventure of Her children, yes

Ma mère est venue pour voir ses enfants qui habitent sur les cinq continents

My Mother came to see the children who live in the five continents

Chorus :

We call you black, We call you white

But the colour of the spirit is the light

We call you black, We call you white

As the spirit is the source of life

Nants ingonya bagadidi baba, hehe baba :2

Et oui c’est le moment d’agir, de vivre le rêve de se réunir

And yes, it’s the moment to act, to live the dream to get together

Et oui mes frères c’est le moment d’ouvrir la porte d’or de notre devenir

And yes, my brothers, it’s the moment to open the golden door of our future

Sur les rives des chutes de Niger, a l’eau vive de notre Mère la Terre

On the banks of the Niger Falls, in the living water of our Mother, the Earth



Venez mes frères mes soeurs,

Come, my brothers, my sisters

welcome brothers sisters

Par la porte de nos coeurs,

through the door of our hearts

to sit all around our Mother

Shri Mataji went to Cabella,

why don’t you come to Africa ?

We have nothing else to give you,

than our heart and it’s love for you


We call you black, We call you white,

But, the Children of Mother are made of light

We call you black, We call you white

But, the Children of Mother are made of light 

Composed on the 7th of February 2009 on the side of of warm fire a home, after beautiful cultural evening exchange at our Sahaj Meditation Center in Geneva, by: Setondji and Manu, 2 brothers of Benin roots, Yoann whom roots come directly from the great culture of Gospel and Sergio whom roots come from Sarasin people. In the photo below, taken at the Birthday Pooja 09 in Avully, Switzerland, l. to r. : Setondji, Sita and her husband Sergio, Manu, Yoann, Nicolas, who joined for the recording, Pascaline, the mother of Setondji and Manu. 

Listen to the model : The colours of Life final version soon available on Sahajafrica :mrgreen:  

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One Response to “ Coulour of Life ”

  1. # 1 Ryan Says:

    Jay Shree Mataji !

    Un grand bravo aux artistes et toute gratitude à Mère pour l’inspiration et la beauté du résultat. C’est comme un hymne à l’union. merci

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