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News of Africa28 February 2009

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,
All persons who wish to share any actual, past or planed news, event, testimony, public program, seminar, tour, Sahaj events, experiences, meetings, exchanges etc … can send them to  uncle Bokwe or directly through the Official Website of Africa using this form
As this testimony, for example. Please enjoy
Jaï Shri Mataji
Many thanks to all of [...]

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Programme public à Fez au Maroc26 February 2009

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Love is the greatest boon24 February 2009

Love is the greatest boon

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What a wonderful being we are !24 February 2009

Chakra Animation
What a wonderful being we are! What a wonderful being has created us to become what we are!

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Our Position in Sahaja Yoga - From Nirmala Yoga, March, 198119 February 2009

From Nirmala Yoga, March, 1981
Our Position in Sahaja Yoga
In speaking of the Kingdom of Heaven, Christ says in the Gospel: “The last will be first and the first last” - Matt 20.16
and also “For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbled himself will be exalted”. Luke 14.11
Seen in the context of [...]


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Travel in Ivory Coast - 199717 February 2009

Ivory Coast
From the 18th to the 20th October
Since few years we were in contact with one SY, Jean-Claude Lainé, leader of Ivory Cost. We had invited him in Switzerland 5 years ago and he could go to Puja in Cabella and in India for the tour.  Few month ago we felt it would be great [...]

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Democracy, Communism, Human Laws and The Spirit12 February 2009

This is a synopsis of a lecture by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in Bombay on March 24, 1990.

Let us consider the politics and economics of countries … all these systems have a basic problem in their essence. If you know the essence of everything, then it is very easy to handle the situation. If [...]


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    [...] Au contraire, Sahaja Yoga consiste à unir les gens au nom de Dieu. De les rendre UN au nom de Dieu. Supposons qu’une personne vive, disons en Afrique du Sud ou bien disons dans un endroit reculé comme le Bénin par exemple et, qu’il devienne un Sahaja Yogi. Il y en a des milliers qui sont devenus des Sahaja Yogis là-bas. Ils sont tous vos frères et soeurs. Ils sont des vôtres. Si vous allez là-bas ils vous traiteront simplement comme leurs propres enfants, comme leur proches. Ils ne penseront jamais à savoir de quelle religion vous venez ou de quelle secte vous venez, rien du tout. J’ai été surprise de voir comment ils ont cet amour. En fait, aimer est une qualité innée des êtres humains, C’est une qualité innée. Chaque être humain a reçu ce trésor d’amour, cette capacité d’aimer. [...] — Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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