KENYA - Children of the One Mother - the birthplace of humankind
Thurs 28 Oct-Mon 15 Nov

Hi Everyone!
Big bandhans of joy as the Realise Kenya tour kicks off today. Thanks to everyone for their support so far in so many different ways. We will try as hard [...]

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Some Photos from Cameroun - Ganesha Puja8 September 2010

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SY Tour Of Kenya14 August 2010

Jai Shri Mataji.
Brothers and Sisters,
the UK collective is planning a small SY tour of Kenya to help spread SY in that country and hopefully it becomes established. This will be for two weeks  from 30th October to the 13th of November 2010. We will welcome the participation of yogis from other parts of [...]

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August 4, 2010 at 6:11pm
Hello Brothers, Sisters, Aunties, and Uncles,
10 Yuvashakti have made it to Istanbul for the next two weeks to participate in the UN sponsored World Youth Congress. This congress has over 1500 delegates from 150 countries who are working in some way to change the world towards the [...]

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Kundalini et l’Afrique31 July 2010

Lors d’une session question réponse à Londres (”Talk at Holland Park - 27 septembre 2000 - Londres”), Shri Mataji répond à la question d’un nouveau à savoir : Sahaja Yoga a-t’il quelques similarités avec les anciennes religions d’Afrique et d’Egypte? Shri Mataji ne répond pas sur l’Egypte mais évoque bien que la connaissance [...]

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Second Ghana Self-realisation Tour Report8 July 2010

Here is the second Ghana SR report prepared by Tim Bruce (UK) on behalf of the Ghana Team… very sterling work indeed, Mother’s Footprint is steadily being established in Africa. In a mail message Tim shared his thoughts which lead us to the report itself attached:
Ghana was great. Some of the new people went [...]

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A surprising time in Sahara of Morocco17 May 2010

Dear Sisters,
Dear brothers,
We had a very surprising trip this time to the Sahara of Morocco.
On friday we have met the chief of the state police and Mr Belkacem one of the new seekers. We know him since january and he came to our program in Rabat.
He mentioned about the Yoga; finally the chief [...]

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