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Public program Rome - music - 29.12.092 January 2010

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Dear all,
Another great evening has just gone to its end and it was extremely rich. At 6:00 pm we started to gather in the big hall to eagerly await the new people attending the public program. The decoration of the hall was very beautiful. In the middle of the scene was the screen, on the [...]

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Amhi Gondhali21 September 2009


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Sahaja Yoga (Cabella) Cultural Festival in Italian TV News5 August 2009

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Nirmala kiti varnavi tujhi ga sthuti sang by Nirmal Bhakti19 July 2009


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Coulour of Life24 March 2009

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COLOUR OF LIFE is a song written by 8 hands: 4 black and 4 white ones, 8 hands which act as one. In this way, the notes which make up the song, black and white, are equal: a song.  And so they dance together, minims and quavers, white and black notes, but without a hitch.
That’s [...]

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