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Easter Seminar in South Africa 201225 April 2012

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Atmosphère après la méditation30 August 2009

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Dorm Mentors’ Duties and Responsibilities27 August 2009

Dorm Mentors’ Duties and Responsibilities

Purpose and Scope
Dorm Mentors (aunties) are responsible the day-to-day management of the resident children, seeing to their physical, emotional and spiritual and wellbeing.  They are also responsible for creating around the children an environment in which Sahaja Yoga culture and values, as taught by H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, prevail.  [...]


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Connaître le sens de notre vie11 July 2009


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Invitation au séminaire du Burkina Faso12 June 2009

Français Français

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Forum Africa11 May 2009

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Forum for Africa for meeting and sharing on
Sahajafrica invites you all to come and participate in an international forum for Africa for meeting people and sharing.
Desire to greet !
Africa is a large multi-cultural continent with many differences, numerous forms of expressions, customs etc.
Since the beginning of 2009, in order to respond to the desire [...]

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7ème Séminaire International d’Afrique 0911 May 2009

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Jaï Shri Mataji

Invitation au Séminaire International 2009
We are happy to post here the official invitation for the 7th African International Seminar 2009 which will be held this year in Burkino Faso from the 30th of July to the 2nd of August.
The whole team strongly encourages all of you to accept this invitation so that you can [...]

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