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Enjoy Beautiful Morocco 2010 Sahaj Tour!!1 December 2010

“It was a great tour with many seekers and with homage to Sidi Idris the first, and grand grand son of Shri Hassan the elder son of Shri Fatima Zarah the daugther of Prophet Mohammed. There were remarcable vibrations in the Mausoleum in the mountain village ”Moulay Idris” -see Photos of the Mosque.”

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Vishwa Nirmala Dharma Au Congo-Brazzaville10 March 2010

« Vishwa Nirmala Dharma : Sahaja Yoga » en tant qu’association existe désormais légalement au Congo-Brazzaville. Avec les statuts et un règlement intérieur, comme définit dans d’autres pays. Il y a aussi un Conseil National, pour le moment provisoire avant présentation et confirmation par H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.
Les remerciements aux yogis de France pour établir les statuts, [...]

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Sahaja Meditation In Antananarivo, Madagascar11 February 2010

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On the 31st of January we had public program here in Antananarivo, Madagascar. Totally 55 people, from them 30 new.

=> Photo

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Shri Mataji’s New Year 2010 Message6 January 2010

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A new Year has just begun and on this important occasion I convey my Love and blessings to all my children throughout the world.
As we all know from daily news, the world is in a dangerous state. There is abiding hatred and violence. The whole world needs the soothing and loving message of Sahaja Yoga.
I [...]

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New - Nouveau Websites Sahaj by SITA3 January 2010

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SITA, just launched 2 new website frm Rome :
Meditate Relax Enjoy containing mostly sahaj videos and Sahaja Workshops
Please enjoy


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Nouvel an - New Year - Rome - 01.01.102 January 2010

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Dear all,
What a wonderful night to welcome the New Year 2010 in the company of hundreds and hundreds of yogi brothers and sisters united together to worship our Holy Mother Shri Mataji. We felt so excited in our hearts waiting for Shri Mataji to celebrate this collective joy. The Italian yogis had again so lovingly [...]

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Nice day in Rome - belle journée à Rome - 30.12.092 January 2010

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Dear all,
Many yogis haven taken the occasion during the last days to participate in one of the bus tours organised by the Italian yogis for us. Either we could visit the museums of the Vatican with the marvelous Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo’s most famous paintings as the Last Judgement, or we could make a round [...]

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