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Kundalini et l’Afrique31 July 2010

Lors d’une session question réponse à Londres (”Talk at Holland Park - 27 septembre 2000 - Londres”), Shri Mataji répond à la question d’un nouveau à savoir : Sahaja Yoga a-t’il quelques similarités avec les anciennes religions d’Afrique et d’Egypte? Shri Mataji ne répond pas sur l’Egypte mais évoque bien que la connaissance [...]

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Extraits de discours de Shri Mataji30 March 2010

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Sahaja Yoga Courses and Teachings9 November 2009

Dear Sahajis in Africa,
This material will assist people who maybe far from Sahaj centres, or wish to start courses for beginners. It can mostly be useful to people who have received their Self-Realisation, and there is possibility for that online.May Our Holy Mother guide us all on this journey of discovery.

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What’s the most important thing you need to learn that they don’t teach you at school?18 July 2009

Answer: How to use your attention. For you what you become, what you make of your life will totally depend on what you do with your attention.
What is attention? A simple answer might be it’s what you use to focus with. But when you start to consider attention, it turns out to be rather complicated. [...]

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The difference between a realized soul and an ordinary person9 July 2009

“It is impossible for one to exist even for a moment without action.  The impulse of nature compels man to act.  Do your duty, for action is superior to inaction”.  (III, 5)

“Action is higher than inaction, therefore, perform thy allotted task.  Even the life of the body cannot be sustained without action.”  (III, [...]

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To understand the importance of Guru9 July 2009

Today is the full Moon day, that’s why it is called as purnima. The guru has to be like a full moon, means completely growing, completely matured. There are sixteen kalas or the phases of the Moon, and when the complete purnima comes in, the full Moon day, all the sixteen kalas are completed. You [...]

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Shri Adi Guru Dattatreya9 July 2009

Adi : stands for primordial, and Shri Adi Guru is the primordial Guru. He is considered to be the god who is an incarnation of the Divine Trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh or Siva. His name has been derived from two important words - the word ‘Datta‘ means “Given”. Datta is called so, because the [...]

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