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L’ expérience de la Réalisation du Soi se traduit par l’éveil de notre véritable être intérieur et la prise de conscience d’une énergie divine omniprésente qui reflète un être spirituel unique ou ” Soi “. Concrètement, la Kundalini, force spirituelle qui réside en nous, s’élève à travers notre système subtil jusqu’au sommet de la tête [...]

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A brief introduction to Meditation7 January 2009

The tradition of meditation dates back to the beginning of human history. Thousands of years ago, Patanjali, an Indian Sage of legend, described the process by which the capacity to meditate is actualized. He called it “Self Realization” since, in the state of meditation, he experienced an absolute awareness of his “Self”.
Meditation is best understood [...]


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Le traitement du foie3 January 2009

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    You should not feel disgusted with yourself, nor dejected with yourself, nothing. But treat yourself as a separate entity. And Dedication is actually turning back to yourself and looking forward to the Divine personality in you. — Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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