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Before and after Meditation10 September 2009

Here is the electromagnetic system of Sasha, after a days work treating sick people by massage. Note the gaps in his aura all around his body and around the finger tips.
Now see the same ‘picture’ taken after 20 minutes of Sahaja Yoga meditation. The difference is remarkable, his aura has been rebuilt and around his fingertips almost complete in almost [...]

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Two Wolves - A Sahaj Cherookee legend!23 July 2009

Often I visit a very well-written Sahaj blog, that’s full of street-wise wisdom, named Y’Dig? Which is beautiful slang for do you understand? Are you with me? With us? The writer is an old (well, not so old!) yogi who lives in New York, or New Jersey. But he’s in the US, and has written [...]

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Histoire d’un vieux caniche ;o)22 July 2009

Une riche vieille dame décide d’aller faire un safari photo en Afrique. Elle emmène son fidèle vieux caniche pour lui tenir compagnie.
Un jour, le caniche part à la chasse aux papillons, et avant longtemps, il s’aperçoit qu’il s’est perdu. Errant au hasard en tentant de retrouver son chemin, il voit un léopard courir vers lui [...]

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Monsieur mon ego - poème satyrique18 July 2009


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Attention!18 July 2009

There is an interesting joke about attention:

Once Shri Hanumana invokes Shri Ram to descend down to one of the temples on Earth for blessings His disciples. Shri Rama accepting the invocation says He will appear before all for a [...]


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Secrecy was required because the corridor of whiteness was under attack, surrounded on all side by spies, the ongoing aggression of powerful enemies who were preparing the imminent onslaught of Thanatophor (the Devil/ Dark force).  To make the point plainly, the vision offered by the magic scroll shifted and Lakshman’s (one of the character’s of [...]

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